Domo’s Business Cloud provides you with a platform to use and understand all of the data at your company in order to make faster business decisions. Domo is not just a data visualization platform; it is a way to run your business. In addition to powerful and intuitive ways to view your data insights, Domo provides a powerful suite of tools for importing and managing data.

Domo makes it easy to connect to your data in Amazon Redshift for easy analysis and faster decision-making across platforms and all lines of business. With Domo, you can bring all your people together around Amazon Redshift for seamless collaboration and real-time business insights.

  • Create alerts: Get instant notifications when your Amazon Redshift metrics hit thresholds that you determine.
  • See it how you like it: Get visualizations made to your exact specifications—what you want to see and how you want to see it.
  • Take it with you on the go: With a seamless experience on any mobile device, Domo delivers the insights you need, wherever you happen to be so you can take action now.



Capabilities and Benefits:

Built with the Amazon Redshift user in mind, Domo offers several Redshift connection methods to accommodate for different data structures and needs. Depending on the nature of your data, Domo provides Redshift connections for advanced security needs, intricate and dynamic Redshift queries, or exceptionally large Redshift queries.

Data isn’t just for IT personnel anymore. The world is changing at breakneck speed, and we understand this at Domo. So we have made it so easy to create and manage datasets in your Domo that anybody can do it, regardless of technical ability. Decision makers can now create dynamic connections without ever writing any code.

Once you have linked to an Amazon Redshift account or database, you can import your Redshift data, as well as run queries and transformations with other data sources to make meaningful insights. By combining Redshift data with other datasets in Domo, you now have a powerful tool for understanding data across departments and initiatives at your company. Domo has now eliminated the need to view your data in disparate silos, which slows down important decisions.

Get started:

Access to the Amazon Redshift Connectors is included with any Domo license, paid or free. Once logged into Domo, simply enter the Data Center and create a new DataSet. After you select the Amazon Redshift Connector that best fits your needs, you will be prompted to enter your credentials, as well as which database you intend to connect. Input your query for the database and save, and your Amazon Redshift DataSet will be ready to go in Domo.

Depending on how complicated your query is, the implementation of an Amazon Redshift Connector can be as quick as 5 minutes. However, the Amazon Redshift Connector does allow for long and detailed queries, or even macros that can dynamically choose which queries to run. More in-depth implementations could take longer, but would provide the added benefit of presenting your data exactly how and when you need it most for quick and easy decision-making.

See below for more info about a Domo trial and test out the Amazon Redshift Connector yourself.