FlyData replicates your database and continuously syncs it in near real-time to Amazon Redshift. We support popular databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Amazon RDS, MariaDB, Percona, and your Log files such as CSV, TSV and JSON files. Our simple to use, robust web console minimizes setup time and maximizes the database replication frequency to ensure that your data is always fresh and up to date. We offer both the ability to use FlyData in Direct mode as our most popular and recommended offering, or in Agent mode which is installed and maintained on your own server.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Near Real-Time Replication: Load and replicate your data in near real-time right into your Amazon Redshift cluster so that your data is always fresh and up to date
  • Easy 1-time Setup: Set up FlyData once and let our experts continually monitor the sync and replication process to Amazon Redshift
  • SecureTunnel: Database behind a firewall? FlyData offers SecureTunnel VPN to safely and securely access your database. Replicate your data securely through our system right into Amazon Redshift
  • Error Handling: FlyData comes with built in error handling, with a system optimized specifically for Amazon Redshift. Your data is always buffered so that you don't lose data in the event of any errors.

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Effortlessly sync data from RDS MySQL to Amazon Redshift in near-real time. FlyData Sync automatically and continuously synchronizes your data, so that your Amazon Redshift cluster is always up-to-date and ready for queries.

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