Indicative is the market leader in behavioral analytics, designed for marketing and product teams to understand customer behavior and maximize customer value. Indicative allows business users to analyze a single view of customer behavior across all their digital touchpoints, including web, app, marketing automation, support systems, databases and data warehouses, without requiring any involvement from BI specialists or engineers.

Connect Indicative to Amazon Redshift to easily conduct sophisticated analyses of how customers are interacting with your business. Indicative is easy to use, easy to set up, and doesn't require any SQL or coding knowledge.

  • Fully understand how customers interact with your business across all their touchpoints
  • Identify high-value customer segments to optimize targeted campaign strategies
  • Iterate through product ideas by quickly measuring adoption and success
  • Proactively isolate factors that lead to increased conversion and reduce churn

Capabilities and Benefits:

The Indicative Redshift Integration allows you to easily connect your data stored in Redshift to Indicative for behavioral analysis. Indicative can integrate any user level (CRM) or log/event-level data.

We understand that data is inherently difficult so we take a white-glove approach to ensure your success. We work with you to model, clean up, and validate your data as necessary to ensure accuracy.  

Get started:

In order to use the Indicative Redshift integration, the customer must provide programmatic Redshift access to the Indicative Platform. Once access is granted and the implementation is complete, you will be able to run behavioral analysis on your data and gain actionable insights about your customers’ behavior to optimize acquisition, conversion, and retention.