Atom from ironSource is a reliable data pipeline management solution that handles all of your data, regardless of origin, while giving you full control over your logs.

Atom and Amazon Redshift work hand-in-hand to provide a top-tier data flow management solution that is secure, transparent, and infinitely scalable. We created Atom to handle ironSource’s massive and varied data requirements. Once we recognized the flexibility of our platform, we decided to extend our solution as a service to those who wanted to own their data without the hassle and costs of building their own data pipeline infrastructure. Atom helps make Amazon Redshift’s powerful capabilities even more accessible for growing companies.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Pause copies of altered data to a specific table or a cluster and resume when you are ready with no data loss
  • Replay your timestamped, historical data. Eliminate vendor lock-in and take your data to new tools
  • Take control of logs with stl_load_errors, fix the specific bad values, and reinsert
  • You decide how you want to manipulate and segment your events, we just provide the pipeline
  • Atom enables infinite scalability, with a pay-as-you-grow structure

Demo (1:35)

“Since our app started to grow we looked for a complete and robust solution to manage all the messy connections and flow of data from our client side to Amazon Redshift. We tried several solutions before we tried Atom - the only one that gave us the confidence of an enterprise-level solution with a speed and agility hard to find in the market.” - Roei Aharoni, CTO, 365Score


  • Contact us or find us in the Amazon Marketplace to start sending your events through Atom
  • Qualifying customers will receive their first 100 million managed events for free
  • Send your custom transformations and we’ll add them to your data flow in no time

  • Blog post introducing Atom
  • Visit our website for more information
  • Free Trial for 10 million monthly events