"Isobar is a global digital marketing agency ranked 15th largest by AdAge in 2013 and a division of Aegis Media. We design and develop Big Data applications and digitally-centered marketing campaigns for the web and mobile devices that solve complex business problems for our customers. We are adept at breakthrough user experience and creative design, combined with enterprise-class technology implementation.

For us, Big Data is more than just data storage in a data warehouse. Big Data is about the ability to successfully transform data to answer critical and time-sensitive business questions."

"Amazon Redshift’s data aggregation capability is impressive and its performance enables us to solve Big Data problems. We leverage Amazon Web Services for hosting/infrastructure, Simple Workflow for managing multiple ETL/SQL scripts/processes and Amazon Redshift as our core data warehouse for Big Data storage and aggregation.

  • Performance. We found superior query performance when running complex data aggregation queries in Amazon Redshift versus a traditional data warehouse.
  • Easy ingestion of data. With Amazon Redshift’s coupling with S3, importing large amounts of data without having to move massive files around a network becomes trivial.
  • Ease of use. Amazon Redshift works with many traditional SQL tools, allowing data analysts to leverage their existing SQL knowledge, training and processes. Implementation of data aggregation scripts in Amazon Redshift requires no additional knowledge beyond PostgreSQL
  • Ease of Integration. With Amazon S3 platform for Infrastructure, Simple Workflow, Redshift integration into overall architecture stack is seamless.
  • Scalability & Pricing. Amazon is a leader in offering low cost, scalable managed Big Data platforms for our clients."

Parag Thakker
Vice President

"We consider Amazon Redshift as our primary data warehouse for data storage and aggregation. We load the lowest grain data into Amazon Redshift using basic ETL techniques. As part of our data outtake process, we invoke complex data aggregation queries in Amazon Redshift to transform the data to the desired grain. All these ETLs and scripts are managed using Simple Workflow. Upon successful data transformation, we extract and load aggregate data into reporting system."