"Lodr allows you to skip ETL and load files directly into Redshift tables. Our Serverless data engine automatically detects data types, creates table schemas, and applies transformations at break neck speeds.

You will be surprised by how quickly and cost effectively you can get up and running with Redshift using Lodr."

  • Upload CSV, PSV, LOG and even Zipped files
  • Schedule loads from S3 buckets
  • Apply data transformations in an intuitive UI. Split, Extract,
  • Extract by Pattern etc.
  • Define your target table schema options like sort keys, primary keys, and distribution key
  • Run pre and post SQL commands
  • Incrementally update a table using the Lodr Merge option
  • Monitor your data load efficiency in a beautiful Dashboard view
  • Reap the benefits of the Serverless revolution



"With Lodr you can load 5 million rows per month for free. You can start loading data into Redshift tables with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up with your email at www.lodr.io
  2. Upload your files or connect to an S3 Bucket
  3. Go to the Sources page and click on the Load button next to your file

That’s really all it takes. Get your Redshift warehouse launched in minutes with Lodr."