"Segment, the customer data hub, makes working with data simple. We collect, translate, and send customer data from any device or platform to more than 120 marketing and analytics apps, internal systems, and now, a SQL database powered by Amazon Redshift. Segment replaces lengthy technical integrations, data transformation, and database management with a single, simple line of code, and gives product and analyst teams direct access to their data."

"Amazon Redshift has three clear benefits as a cloud-based data warehouse: it’s fast, scalable, and inexpensive. You can boot up new clusters or take them down in minutes. You can run queries in milliseconds, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for incredible service."

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Start analyzing your behavioral data in Amazon Redshift without lifting a finger. Segment will automatically transform and load your web and mobile data into a hosted cluster, and optimize your data schema for querying.

"Companies use Segment to collect customer interaction data from websites and mobile apps, then translate and send that data to third-party services for analytics and marketing. Now, for the first time, these companies can also use Segment to automatically load all of the underlying raw data into Amazon Redshift for more flexible exploration and analysis. Businesses can go from simple analytics event tracking to a fully managed SQL database with a single line of code.

With this complete set of customer data, companies can answer granular, specialized questions in SQL, create custom visualizations, and power machine learning algorithms. Tools for this kind of SQL analysis including Mode, Looker, Chartio, RJMetrics and Periscope have joined as Segment for Redshift launch partners, offering an easy cloud connection and analytics templates for Segment customers."

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