Treasure Data provides a plug and play analytics infrastructure, hosted on AWS, so that you can focus on business value not infrastructure. Built with flexibility and security in mind, Treasure Data collects, stores and analyzes all your data leveraging our 300+ integrations and will seamlessly connect with Amazon Redshift.

With Treasure Data + Redshift, you can go from ingestion to insights in under 30 minutes. At Treasure Data, we transform, enrich, and load your data directly into Amazon Redshift.

Leading companies such as MUJI, Pebble and ClassDojo use Treasure Data alongside Amazon Redshift to power their data driven insights and analysis.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Collect & Analyze ALL your data, schema-free, with 300+ integrations at your fingertips
  • Immediate data integration with Amazon Redshift
  • Data loading simplified with Schema-On-Read ELT
  • Store all your data on Treasure Data and export to multiple Amazon Redshift instances at once

Demo (3:31)

  • MUJI case study showing Treasure Data / Amazon Redshift integration
  • “We’ve been very happy with Treasure Data’s Redshift connector. It allows us to make the best use of Redshift’s capabilities.” – Adrian Gilgor, CTO, Mobfox.

Get started in as little as 30 minutes. Simply:

1. Sign up for Treasure Data (14-day free trial)
2. Start collecting, storing and managing data on Treasure Data
3. Query your raw data using SQL, and select Amazon Redshift for result output
4. Schedule jobs to continually load data into Amazon Redshift

For more information visit our documentation on Writing Job Results into Redshift

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