New Relic One

Reduce downtime, scale to your biggest day, and deliver the best experience for your customers

New Relic One is a SaaS Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Keeping an e-commerce application up and running during peak shopping season is a high-pressure job. New Relic helps retailers uphold site availability, ensure feature functionality, improve site performance, manage capacity and scaling, and optimize shoppers’ digital experience. Allowing retailers to monitor the entire customer journey from browsing to converting to payment, New Relic helps digital teams protect their sales funnel from system issues and bad online experience. Inundated with alerts and noise from various systems, New Relic furthermore allows engineering teams to marry their application health to business health, keeping an eye on the most critical KPIs for the business.

New Relic is an AWS DevOps, Mobile, Migration, Government, and Retail Competency Partner.
New Relic
AWS Partner Network Competency


Deliver a superior digital customer experience

Monitor shoppers’ experiences across regions, devices, network providers, OS systems, browser types, and more.

Prepare your environment to meet spikes in customer demand

Peak season contributes 20-30% of retail sales annually. As systems undergo stress tests, New Relic measures and establishes application load profile so teams can allocate resources where needed the most.

Make your business data driven

Move from simply monitoring application or infrastructure metrics with little context to gaining a deeper understanding of how your application impacts your business’ bottom line.

Solution Highlights

New Relic One is a SaaS solution that is secure and trusted by thousands of retailers globally. Deployment of New Relic One only takes minutes. New Relic empowers engineering to achieve better application performance, optimize resource utilization on AWS, improve scalability for peak demand, and manage complexities in modern software environments. Whether it is JavaScript executed in the browser or AWS services powering your back end or third party systems, New Relic One makes your entire system observable.

  • Reduced Mean Time to Resolution: Pinpoint the root cause down to the line of code or query for developers
  • Scale with confidence: Discover bottlenecks and capture application performance profile while systems undergo stress tests and load tests
  • Proactive probing and detection: When downtime occurs, minimize impact to customers by proactively stimulating real-user traffic and actions
  • Improved customer experience: Monitor your customer experience on web and mobile. Catch any errors, latency, crashes that turns shoppers away
Monitoring the Full Retail Experience (11:36)
New Relic Solution Diagram Workflow

Case Study: CafePress Modernizes E-commerce Platform with New Relic Monitoring


CafePress, an e-commerce company, struggled to get a true picture of application performance. When applications did experience hiccups, they were slow to be detected and even slower to be diagnosed and fixed.


New Relic fully integrated with CafePress websites and throughout the majority of internal applications. CafePress engineers, responsible for configuration and incident response within New Relic, worked with other development teams to define the application metrics that would establish the thresholds for alerting.


Now CafePress has deep visibility to not only quickly address any issues that arise, but also to identify trends that could lead to performance problems. New Relic’s traces provide a level of detail that CafePress was unable to get with any other tools. As a result, CafePress is able to troubleshoot an issue to completion.

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