Oracle Commerce on AWS by Pivotree

Increase Business Agility, Get Better Performance and Stability, and Lower Costs

Oracle Commerce on AWS by Pivotree is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Oracle Commerce on AWS by Pivotree is an end-to-end managed hosting offering that was designed to provide flexible infrastructure and rapid scalability while also delivering superior performance, security, and expert support for which our Managed Application Services are well known.

It includes the initial provisioning, installation, setup, configuration, securing, testing, load balancing and tuning of the hosting environment and management of your critical systems - from infrastructure and middleware to OS and application up to the custom code.

Pivotree is an AWS Retail Competency Partner.

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Scale your back-end systems within minutes, invaluable in the retail industry to support seasonal and promotion-based fluctuations in your site traffic.


This solution offers peace of mind when it comes to protecting your critical systems and sensitive data with the strictest industry security standards.


There is no need to overprovision hardware. Scaling your retail Oracle Commerce on AWS means only paying for the infrastructure you need and when you need it.

Solution Highlights

Pivotree’s Oracle Commerce on AWS solution enables businesses to innovate rapidly while maximizing ROI with the Oracle Commerce platform. We blend the scalability of public cloud technology with our platform expertise to provide Oracle Commerce on AWS – delivering leading-edge cloud innovation for the on-premises platform without sacrificing performance or onsite user experience. Auto-scaling and single-purpose instances can provide optimal performance under any type of workload. The cloud’s pay-as-you-go model helps you avoid keeping costly infrastructure in place when it’s not needed.

  • Extend your investment: Avoid costly replatforming, especially for those not ready to start their customer experience again from scratch
  • Unlock new potential for innovation: Faster network changes, the ability to rapidly spin up new environments, and more
  • Deliver a more reliable experience to customers: Gain from Pivotree’s long-term retail commerce and technology experience
Pivotree Solution Diagram Workflow

Case Study: DXL’s Oracle Commerce Website on AWS to Increase Flexibility and Saving


Sporadic site outages and user experience glitches, low-visibility hosting services with lost optimization opportunities, and underutilized server capacity/inflexible operations. The evolving stability of website stifled investments toward digital campaigns, decreasing traffic and revenue, resulting in lost opportunities for growth.


Implemented Pivotree’s solution for Oracle Commerce on AWS, retaining the complexity and strength of DXL’s 60 integrations. Optimized operations and allowed for flexible server capacity, collaborating with cross-org teams to bring the high-stakes project to the finish line on time.


Savings of 30-35% annually on hosting fees due to scaling ability on AWS, as well as the ability to handle 50,000 requests per minute. Increased transparency in reporting and analysis to help inform data-driven decisions, and better security.

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