Singular Unified Marketing Data Platform

A single source of truth for marketing performance.

Singular is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

Singular is built to provide a single source of truth for marketing performance. They simplify marketing data by automatically connecting and combining your most important datasets to expose insights needed to scale. Marketers dream of having all their marketing data at their fingertips, nicely organized in their internal data warehouses. Singular’s Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solution automatically extracts your marketing data from Singular, organizes it into best-in-class schemas, and pushes it directly into your favorite data warehouse to power your reporting tools. Our customers include StitchFix, Wish, Warby Parker, Minted, Atom Tickets, and other Fortune 500 brands.

Singular is an AWS Retail Competency Partner.

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Reserve precious engineering resources

Eliminate the need to build data pipelines, plan schemas, handle errors, monitor and scale your pipeline, and handle late arrival data.

Save money on servers

Avoid the need to continuously recalibrate when to scale up or down due to changes in your marketing data volume.

Build custom reports

Create a granular replica of all your marketing data in your data warehouse to power reporting and visualization tools.

Solution Highlights

Singular is available as a software as a service (SaaS). Singular unifies your marketing datasets to provide transparent, granular reporting, and actionable marketing insights. Singular is the leading platform, offering an automated solution to accurately connect data directly from thousands of advertising partners.
  • Create a granular replica of all your marketing data in your data warehouse.
  • Directly connect Tableau, Looker, or any other reporting tool to all your marketing data.
  • Enable analytics and data science teams by making your marketing data easily available to them.
  • Join proprietary/sensitive data with your marketing data, all in your safe internal infrastructure.
Singular Solution Diagram

Case Study: Automated Marketing Data Flows Increase Operational Efficiency While Reducing Costs


The team at 1mg is nimble and had aggressive goals around scaling their user acquisition efforts and increasing their efficiency while keeping a tab on the costs. As they have grown over the years along with the market, their KPIs have also evolved. We started with focusing on installs to achieve reach and scale, and then transitioned to driving more first time users and analyzing, processing and capturing data.


In order to transform their marketing growth stack, 1mg decided to use Singular. The platform enabled them to automatically collect and send data from Singular to 1mg’s internal data processing systems powered by AWS so they could have a holistic view of marketing activities. 1mg has a big in-house analytics team which heavily relies upon the real-time Business Intelligence postbacks Singular sends to their internal AWS server. Since Singular gets detailed data for each conversion and in-app event at a network, campaign, and even publisher level, 1mg is able to run their own models and gather insights for their marketing efforts.


Over the past year, 1mg’s user acquisition from paid channels has grown exponentially while reducing acquisition cost. In addition to incorporating Singular’s Business Intelligence postbacks to send the user-level data to an AWS server, they’ve also been majorly focused on monitoring fraud as it’s a serious threat to their business as they scale. Thankfully, the team leveraged Singular’s adaptive Fraud Prevention to keep their budgets focused on quality users by automatically rejecting ad fraud. The proactive approach of Singular Fraud Prevention eliminated the need for the team to go back and forth with ad networks to reconcile invoices.

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