Amazon Lex for Telecom

Enable natural conversational experiences on a secure and scalable infrastructure

AWS brings the most advanced and secure cloud infrastructure, fastest rate of innovation, and deepest telecom partnerships to differentiate and scale your operations. Telecom providers can use Amazon Lex to deliver natural conversational experiences as they optimize service delivery models and make new communication and media technology accessible to customers.

Amazon Lex for Telecom offers pre-built solutions for your use case, to enable rich diverse customer experiences and control operational costs. The pre-built chatbots enable automation of customer service interactions such as activating service, paying bills, explaining offers, and managing installations. The pre-built bots provide end-to-end conversation flows including collecting additional information, confirming user inputs, and executing business logic for telecom use cases and can be easily deployed on Amazon Connect to deliver sophisticated experiences.


Transform customer engagement

Amazon Lex enables you to deliver customized experiences so you can adapt to the rapidly evolving customer service needs. You can use the pre-built bots to orchestrate dialog based on business knowledge and create rich personalized experiences. Amazon Lex easily integrates with Amazon Kendra, a highly accurate and easy-to-use intelligent search service, so the bot can answer questions related to service packages or plan bundles. The conditional flows in the bots enable conversation branches based on context, allowing for effectively managing customers through the decision making and purchase process. You can now reimagine the customer experience to accelerate subscriber growth.

Simplify operations

Amazon Lex can help you drive digital engagement in the telecom domain, with minimal effort. You can easily publish the bots on voice modality (e.g., Amazon Connect) or on text modality (e.g., Facebook messenger), from the Amazon Lex console, reducing time to deploy new customer experiences. The pre-built bots can help in troubleshooting a customer issue by collecting information upfront, performing basic triage, and then handing over the relevant information to a customer service agent for a faster resolution. You can create flows for common tasks (e.g., making a payment) or conversation patterns (e.g., transaction progress updates) resulting in reduced effort and an expedited delivery of customer service solutions.

Secure infrastructure

As a managed service, Amazon Lex provides policies so you can control access to resources based on user profiles. The pre-built solution provides authentication and verification logic that you can easily incorporate into your conversation flows. You can obfuscate selected information in conversation logs and opt out of having your content stored. Amazon Lex is PCI, SOC, and ISO compliant. The AWS core infrastructure meets stringent security and data requirements for telecom providers and you can build with confidence to deliver secure experiences.

Use cases

Account management

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering an improved customer service across a range of customer touchpoints. With Amazon Lex, you can automate account management processes such as reviewing usage summary, making a payment, providing plan information, and upgrading service. You can easily authenticate and verify customers, provide information on a channel of their choice, and seamlessly manage issues across contacts to transform the service experience.


Rapidly evolving network technology and device innovations are shaping mobile subscriber expectations. Use the pre-built bots to offer personalized experiences for mobile subscriber activities such as activating a SIM card, adding a phone line, purchasing prepaid cards, requesting a service change, or reporting a lost phone device. Building on AWS empowers you to drive maximum efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction on a scalable, optimized cloud infrastructure.


Broadband operators are using technology to simplify how customers purchase internet services and request service support. With the pre-built solutions, you can easily deliver natural conversations for use cases such as ordering equipment, upgrading services, performing troubleshooting, and answering billing queries. You can benefit from the integration with other AWS machine learning services to anticipate customer needs, customize relevant offers, and deliver rich personalization.


Companies are focusing on delivering efficient and effortless customer service with a minimum delay. Use the pre-built bots to automate tasks such as checking equipment delivery status, requesting a technician visit, or raising a trouble ticket. You can manage context across contacts so customers don’t have to start over if they switch channels. Deliver sophisticated experiences to digitally savvy, always connected customers and reduce churn.

Business solutions

Businesses are pursuing digital transformation to improve services and processes, increase collaboration, and drive productivity, whether employees are in a physical office or working remotely. The pre-built bots can be used to support conversations for service requests related to self-service provisioning, virtual meeting setup, collaboration applications configuration, and device troubleshooting. Organizations can use Amazon Lex as they adopt a hybrid workplace to increase flexibility and improve the employee experience.






Deliver natural and efficient customer service experiences to mobile subscribers with Amazon Lex
Oct 29, 2021

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