APN Global Startup Program

Power your fast growing enterprise-tech startup

The AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program is for startup APN Select and Advanced Technology Partners looking to grow their products on AWS. Our dedicated startup resources provide support through technical validation, go-to-market support, and sales enablement to support startups at the speed they need.

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APN Global Startup Program Benefits

The APN Global Startup Program offers unique support to selected startups by assigning a dedicated Startup Partner Development Manager (PDM) with deep AWS knowledge and startup business experience. The APN Global Startup Program supports fast-scaling startups and their Venture Capitalists in three key areas:

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Technical Validation

Optimize your technology on the AWS Cloud through support from AWS Partner Solution Architects.
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Go-to-Market Support

Build awareness and increase visibility through events, networking, case studies, and more.
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Sales Enablement

Receive support through proof of concept funding, sales opportunities, and AWS Marketplace.

Journey of a Startup on AWS

From early-stage to late-stage startups, we offer credits, training, and resources to support all types and sizes of startups from across the globe. 

Early Stage Startups

AWS Startups

Whether you need help solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finalizing a fundraising round, AWS Startups have all the resources you need to get started.

AWS Activate for Startups

AWS Activate for Startups provides the resources your startup needs to quickly get started on AWS including credits, training, and support.

AWS Lofts

AWS Lofts provide a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions at no cost.

AWS Startup Days

AWS Startup Days are free full-day events that deliver education and networking opportunities to startups to enable and accelerate innovation and growth, provide education on emerging trends, and inspire action through personal experiences of startup founders.

Later Stage Startups

For later-stage startups. The APN Global Startup Program provides go-to-market (GTM) support for selected startup APN Technology Partners. This invite-only program helps specific startups become enterprise-ready with increased prescriptive benefits, accelerated path to APN requirements, and a more robust set of resources so that startups can significantly accelerate their growth.

APN Global Startup Journey

  • Step 1: APN Global Startup Program Invite
  • Step 2: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • Step 3: Execute on Partner Business Plan
  • Step 1: APN Global Startup Program Invite
  • Criteria

    To be considered for the invite-only APN Global Startup Program, startups need to:

    • Have a clear, demonstrated product market fit for an innovative enterprise technology product
    • Be backed and recommended by a top-tier VC firm
    • Have sales and marketing resources in place to building your AWS and cloud strategy

    Submit interest

    If you think you meet the criteria, contact us on the interest form, and we will be able to recommend the best path forward for your startup, even if you don’t qualify for the APN Global Startup Program.

    Connect with AWS

    Once you submit your interest, we will have a member of AWS reach out and help you determine the best path to becoming an APN Global Startup Partner.

  • Step 2: Meet APN Tier Requirements
  • Achieve APN Select Tier
    Once registered with the APN, we will work with you on the process to advancing to the APN Select Tier. You will also be registered for the APN Navigate Foundations Path to learn how to build, market, and sell as an APN Partner.
    Technical Baseline Review
    Startups can receive support from Startup Partner Solution Architects on optimizing products and technology on AWS in order to demonstrate customer success, prove deep technical and product expertise, and match world-class best practices.
    Score quick wins for visibility
    Become eligible to be published on our AWS Startups Blog and start tracking your sales opportunities in APN Partner Central.
  • Step 3: Execute on Partner Business Plan
  • Develop a Partner Business Plan
    Together with your PDM, develop a Partner Business Plan that will include a Go-to-market (GTM) plan with goals in Technical Validation, GTM Support, and Sales Enablement.


    In the APN Global Startup Program, we will meet on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to align on KPIs, GTM activities, and more.  

    Meet APN Advanced Tier requirements
    Meet the knowledge, experience, and customer success requirements to achieve the APN Advanced Tier. 
    Additional benefits
    Work with your PDM to participate in APN Partner Programs, and make the most of the marketing and funding benefits available at APN Advanced Tier.

APN Global Startup Success Stories

Learn how AWS Global Startup Partners are delivering end-to-end solutions to AWS customers.