Getting started

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth helps you build highly accurate training datasets for machine learning quickly. Get started with these developer resources.

Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Learn how to build highly accurate training datasets.


Follow this step-by-step guide to start using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth quickly. 


Get started with labeling training datasets in 10 minutes.


In this on-demand tech talk, learn to label training data using workflows in Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.


Read this blog to understand how to save money on data labeling.

Label data accurately and quickly

Use these resources to label data for training data sets in the shortest time.


In this video, watch an AWS expert label data and create highly accurate training datasets.

Build Highly Accurate Training Datasets at Reduced Costs with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth (13:58)


In this on-demand tech-talk, learn how data labeling can help customer support representatives more efficiently manage help requests.


Learn how to use a trained model from a previous labeling job to jump-start a new job with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.


Follow these exercises on GitHub to use Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.

Custom workflows

Bring custom data labeling workflows to Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.


In this blog, learn how to use a custom workflow in Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.


Learn to create pre and post-processing datasets for custom workflows.


Learn how automated data labeling significantly reduces data labeling costs.

Learn more about Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth features

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