TWAICE builds a greener world with predictive analytics

Learn how artificial intelligence can be used to improve lithium-ion batteries.

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Speaker: Dr. Stephan Rohr, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TWAICE  Length: 11:42  Published: July 26, 2021  |  Fix This Episode: #43  | Download Transcript

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Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to improve the efficiency, lifetime, and sustainability of lithium-ion batteries, which power vehicles, appliances, and other items we rely on every day. TWAICE is a software technology company that provides solutions for optimized development and operation of lithium-ion batteries, independent of battery or product manufacturers.​ TWAICE uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and machine learning (ML) on Amazon SageMaker, to provide data-driven insights on battery lifecycle, warranty information, and more for its customers. To better understand the role these batteries play in creating a more sustainable world, the Fix This team chatted with Dr. Stephan Rohr, founder and co-CEO at TWAICE.

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03:42 – Why extending the battery lifecycle with data is key to a more sustainable future
04:30 – Challenges facing companies who use and produce lithium-ion batteries
05:45 – Making data usable to find the right battery size, range, and price
07:22 – How data can drive greener solutions
08:09 – How TWAICE runs ML models on AWS
08:50 – The future of the battery market


It really excites us that we can build a game-changing battery software solution and help the whole industry be faster and succeed in the next 5-10 years to get to a CO2 emission-free future."

Dr. Stephan Rohr
Founder and Co-CEO TWAICE

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