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Attensi Uses the Power of AI to Reduce the Time It Takes to Develop Content by up to 95%

Attensi uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), supported by AWS services, to enhance its training solutions. Since 2013, Attensi provides gamified training solutions—including simulations in 3D virtual environments; virtual-reality solutions; and its flagship solution, Creator, which companies use to create training content in-house. Attensi has embraced generative AI in its software products and Creator.


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Attensi is enhancing its simulation training software, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with generative artificial intelligence (AI). Using a suite of AWS services, the company is increasing scalability, improving security, and adding more AI-powered features to its training products and platform. This helps Attensi improve the client experience—including AI-powered dialogues, fast automatic translations, faster content generation, and generative AI copilot services.

Opportunity | Using AWS to Enhance Attensi’s Platform for Gamified Simulation Training

Since 2013, the Norwegian software company Attensi has grown its global customer base with offices in Oslo, London, Cologne, Stockholm, and Boston. Its AI-powered tools, products, and services are used by brands in more than 150 countries, including globally recognized names such as Mercedes, Hiscox, London Business School, and Circle K. Attensi creates game-based training solutions including realistic simulations in a virtual 3D setting, which corporations use to make skill development, personal development, recruitment, and onboarding more effective, engaging, and impactful. Moreover, Attensi’s solutions include built-in data analytics tools that help organizations accurately measure the effectiveness of their training solutions according to their individual targets and key performance indicators.

Attensi needed a technical setup where data is both protected and isolated while being accessible to teams to work with. So the Attensi team was very particular about choosing which cloud service provider to work with. Finally, the company found that AWS had the required flexibility, quality, and reliability. “Handling customers’ data and our own data efficiently is important to us,” says Trond Aas, cofounder and CEO of Attensi. “AWS offers services that we can use to better protect data; that’s why we use AWS as a foundational technology in our setup.”

Attensi aims to push the boundaries of impactful digital training solutions, so it continually improves its offering by incorporating innovative tools and technologies into its workflows. For example, the company wanted to enhance its flagship solution, Creator—a no-code-required authoring tool for creating training content. So it built an orchestration layer on top of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), a managed Kubernetes service to run Kubernetes in the AWS Cloud and on-premises data centers. Attensi helps corporations achieve their training goals by breaking away from traditional training methods in favor of interactive, game-based simulation content that boosts engagement and participation.

“AI had a breakthrough in 2023,” says Aas. “We knew immediately that it would redefine how we work and how our customers train and develop.” Attensi embraced AI as a supportive tool and began prioritizing AI techniques as it developed new features for its platform and Creator. For example, these AI-powered features can generate suggestions that kick-start the creative process and even populate dialogues, tasks, and minigames. Corporations can use these features to develop training content, draft dialogue, translate text, and convert text to speech with no coding or technical expertise required.


Our ambition is to set the standard for product quality. We appreciate AWS and want to build on that relationship.”

Trond Aas
Cofounder and CEO, Attensi

Solution | Boosting Productivity with New AI Features on AWS

Attensi’s first-party AI solutions are crafted using multiple services from AWS and Hugging Face, an AWS Partner. These services include Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models, and Amazon SageMaker, which brings together a broad set of tools to empower high-performance, low-cost machine learning for nearly any use case. Moreover, Amazon EKS offers the versatility needed for a wide range of machine learning workloads in the cloud. Harnessing the power of Amazon EKS, Attensi can incorporate new features into its solution quickly, and the seamless incorporation of its existing AWS workloads simplifies the progression from proof of concept to production.

For the employers that use the training solution, AI can help guide the training journey and assist in reaching training targets more quickly and efficiently. “The combination of AI and a good pedagogical program is important,” says Aas. “We strongly believe in the game-based advantages of our AI-powered training solutions. AI gives us the opportunity to work on higher-quality solutions.” Attensi’s aggregate data demonstrates that game-based training solutions have real and measurable impact, such as a 19 percent productivity increase, five times faster time to competence, 85 percent knowledge-gap closure, 2.5 times revenue growth, and 75 percent attrition reduction. Moreover, using Creator with AI copilots, companies can accelerate content creation by 90–95 percent.

“If you can quickly get a good prototype generated, then you can hone in on enhancing the important pieces of the simulation,” says Aas. “We believe that going from good to great is where content creators should spend their time. We will all need to become editors—providing the necessary human oversight of AI-generated content. Then, we can be much more productive and optimize the use of our time and human resources. With a generative AI–supported process, we can focus on solutions that are more ambitious, creative, and impactful.”

The AI solution provides even more interactive benefits for Attensi’s customers, such as enhancing the quality of animations and simulations, to quickly draft virtual-reality scenarios for a wide range of training needs. Through an individual and personalized learning journey, learners can also talk freely to a virtual coach and get instant feedback on their interactions. By harnessing the potential of AI, Attensi can create more realistic and interactive training for its customers across a wide range of use cases including customer service, sales techniques, problem solving, health and safety, and leadership skills.

Outcome | Implementing More AI Features on AWS

Attensi’s innovative, AI-enhanced solution empowers customers to accelerate and expand their content-generation capabilities, and Attensi is ready to do more. Working alongside the AWS team, Attensi will continue its journey of growth, further enhancing Creator and implementing more core AI offerings and features. Specifically, Attensi plans to focus on striking the right balance between AI and scripted content. Attensi also intends to expand further into the US and European markets.

“Our ambition is to set the standard for product quality,” says Aas. “We appreciate AWS and want to build on that relationship to find greater success on our generative AI journey.”

About Attensi

Attensi is a software provider that is based in Norway and works in more than 150 countries. It offers an AI-based training and people performance platform along with gamified, simulation-based training solutions for tailoring training experiences.

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AWS Bedrock

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Amazon SageMaker

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