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AXA Uses AWS to Deepen Customer Engagement With Data

"We needed to create a data platform, so first thing was to invest on migrating all of our data structure to the cloud, as it enables us to scale up and down our computing power, our storage and give access to data to all of the employees in a secure manner."

Celine Le Cotonnec
Chief Data Officer


The Challenge of Delivering 24/7 Availability to Customers

Today’s insurers face an evolving landscape of customer expectations. The digital revolution has transformed how people interact with insurance services, leading them to expect 24/7 availability. Customers demand instant access, simple purchasing options, and transparency. To prove the levels of service that modern consumers anticipate, insurers need to harness vast amounts of customer data and convert it into actionable insights.  

AXA Singapore Builds a Data Lake on AWS

Under an action-oriented leadership, AXA Singapore took proactive steps to deepen customer engagement with data. It had previously gauged customer satisfaction using surveys, but only 1 out of 10 people provided a rating. To centralize customer interactions and gain insights into their sentiments, AXA Singapore chose to build a data lake on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We needed to create a data environment,” says Céline Le Cotonnec, former chief data officer of AXA Singapore. “[The] first thing was to invest in migrating all our infrastructure to the cloud, as cloud empowers us to scale our computing power and storage, and give data access to all of the employees in a secure manner.”

AXA Singapore selected AWS for the support that the AWS team provides, especially in terms of engaging with local authorities and offering training opportunities. AWS wrote a whitepaper with a local regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, on the usage of the cloud. Throughout the process, AXA Singapore also received training on the “Working Backwards” process and engaged in AWS Well-Architected reviews with its internal IT department.  

Putting the Customer at the Center of Its Process

Using AWS, AXA Singapore has transformed its approach to customer engagement, amplifying the value that it delivers to its clients. The company now has access to a wealth of customer data, helping its employees analyze patterns and anticipate needs. These capabilities are especially valuable for its Customer Care teams.

“Now that we are aware of the common sentiments of most of our customers, we are able to actually preempt ‘What is the customer saying?’ ‘What exactly do they need from us?’,” says Harriett Macuno, assistant manager of customer excellence at AXA Singapore. This near-real-time understanding of customer sentiments equips the company to offer proactive, tailored solutions that cater directly to individual clients.

By developing a modern data lake on AWS, AXA Singapore has transformed its role in the lives of its customers. Beyond offering insurance services, the company can cultivate customer relationships based on trust, understanding, and transparency.

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