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Unlocking Scalability Using Amazon ECS Anywhere with CMC Markets PLC

Learn how CMC scaled up its financial services operation using Amazon ECS Anywhere.


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CMC Markets PLC (CMC), a financial services company, wanted to expand its product offerings and improve the customer experience using the cloud, while taking advantage of capabilities that were already running on premises. But using its sophisticated on-premises solutions in parallel with cloud offerings presented CMC engineers with a challenge. CMC had to find a way to bridge its existing and new platforms without creating two sets of deployment processes. The company turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify its hybrid deployments. By using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), a fully managed container orchestration service, CMC could simplify deployment and use the power of the cloud while making the most of its rich on-premises capabilities. “Using Amazon ECS, we no longer have this split world between our on-premises and cloud resources,” says Marco Cullen, principal engineer at CMC.

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Opportunity | Using Amazon ECS Anywhere to Transform the Deployment Pipeline at CMC

CMC has been providing online retail financial services as well as a comprehensive institutional offering to global clients since 1989. For a financial services company like CMC, colocation is key. On-premises data centers are located close to financial hubs to get market information to customers as fast as possible. Accordingly, CMC has many in-house systems and processes that run on premises. Because its operations have scaled, CMC needed to find a way to integrate those existing tools with new cloud systems.
The goal of simplifying deployment led the team to consider Amazon ECS Anywhere, a feature of Amazon ECS that makes it simple to run and manage container workloads on customer-managed infrastructure. Now CMC can deploy and run hybrid on-premises and cloud applications faster with a lower operational burden. “When we process the prices and they’re ready for clients, we just send them out as fast as we can to the cloud,” says Cullen.

Using AWS, we have confidence in our release process because it’s unified across the on-premises and cloud parts of the stack.”  

Robert Slotte
Principal Engineer, CMC Markets PLC

Solution | Driving Product Innovation Using Amazon ECS Anywhere

CMC has seen several improvements since it started using Amazon ECS Anywhere. “Previously, our deployment procedures carried a higher risk of failure and were often manually implemented,” says Robert Slotte, principal engineer at CMC. “Using AWS, we have confidence in our release process because it’s unified across the on-premises and cloud parts of the stack.” Using Amazon ECS Anywhere, CMC delivers features and changes faster, and the pace of innovation has accelerated along with the delivery process.

Cost efficiency is a benefit that both CMC and its customers enjoy. “Using AWS facilitates cost-efficient scaling for our operations and product delivery. That has given us more unique selling points within the market,” says Ross Gustafson, head of cloud at CMC. Using AWS has also opened the door to ephemeral environments, which has made it simpler and faster for the engineers to validate new features. 

Outcome | Taking Advantage of Modern Development Practices Using AWS

Moving forward, CMC is looking to make the most of AWS tools. “Using AWS, we’re now able to take advantage of more modern development practices and architectures,” says Gustafson. “We can serve our customers better, faster, and more efficiently.”

About CMC Markets PLC

Founded in 1989, CMC Markets PLC is a financial services company that provides online trading in shares, spread betting, foreign exchange, and contracts for difference. It has 1.5 million clients worldwide.

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