CoreTech System Co., Ltd. provides computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995. Its current product, Moldex3D, is a suite of three-dimensional (3D) solutions marketed to manufacturers and industrial designers worldwide. CoreTech System is headquartered in Taiwan, and the company has branch offices in China, the United States, and Thailand. CoreTech System has over 200 employees, and collaborates with more than 170 resellers all over 46 countries of the world.

CoreTech System’s software products traditionally ran on an on-premises infrastructure. The company saw an opportunity to grow its market by offering the Moldex3D product suite as software as a service (SaaS) solution. “Moldex3D uses high-speed processing to validate and optimize product designs at every stage of the industrial molding process,” explains Allen Peng, Strategy & Alliance Director for CoreTech System. “Given the complexity and data size of the simulation jobs that we run, we needed a highly scalable backbone with consistent high network performance.”

After evaluating several cloud providers, CoreTech System chose Amazon Web Services (AWS). “We were impressed by the comprehensiveness of the platform,” says Peng. “Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances are ideal for our high performance computing needs. Furthermore, AWS works continuously to improve its offerings, which is something we do with our software solutions, too.”

It took CoreTech System almost a year to redesign and optimize Moldex3D for a cloud environment. CoreTech uses Linux CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System), Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Apache to run Moldex3D services on the AWS Cloud. Amazon EC2 instances with Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provide the storage capacity that CoreTech needs for data-intensive simulations.

CoreTech uses an AWS API to launch several cluster instances simultaneously and then suspend them until needed. The system spontaneously launches new instances as the number of jobs increase. Once the job is complete, the instance stops automatically. Running on AWS, CoreTech can complete a standard test model within an hour with eight cores of CPU power. Figure 1 demonstrates CoreTech System’s cloud architecture on AWS.


Figure1 CoreTech System (Moldex3D) on AWS

“Using AWS helped us create a new business model,” says Peng. “In the past, only enterprise customers can afford to buy the software licenses and utilize our valuable products. Now that we have a SaaS solution running on AWS, we are able to bill clients based on actual usage. For those who only have a small quantity of cases, they no longer have to make an expensive up-front investment, which gives rise to a lot of business agility.”

CoreTech System has also attracted a new demographic. “Small and medium business (SMB) users that otherwise could not afford the software license and equipment investment required for high-performance computing (HPC) are using our SaaS solution,” says Peng. “Our new model means that SMB users can easily run one or dozens of jobs a month, based on actual business demand, and enjoy the powerful and flexible Moldex3D simulation solutions.”

He adds, “We have also come to realize that by using AWS to create a SaaS offering helps increase customer stickiness. We’re building longstanding partnership with our clients.”

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