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Goldman Sachs Transforms Its Digital Supply Chain and Procurement on AWS

In this AWS re:Invent 2021 presentation, learn how AWS Marketplace is transforming the digital supply chain to provide organization leaders access to a wide selection of products at a cost-effective price, with the transparency and governance organizations need to operate their businesses at scale.

The AWS Marketplace has helped Goldman Sachs transform its digital supply chain and provide its leaders with access to a wide, cost-effective selection of products with the transparency and governance it needs to operate its businesses at scale. Hear from Anne Marie Darling, a partner at Goldman Sachs, during this re:Invent 2021 presentation.


We've gone from being a consumer of AWS Marketplace, to now a producer of new services and a software vendor in our own right on AWS Marketplace. We really believe this collaboration between Goldman Sachs and AWS will be transformative for the financial industry. We are creating a platform on which tomorrow's best financial firms will be built."

Anne Marie Darling
Partner, Global Markets, Goldman Sachs

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AWS Marketplace

Simplify procurement, provisioning, and governance of third-party software, services, and data

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