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AWS re:Invent 2021: Reinventing Financial Data Analytics

Performing sophisticated data management and analytics can create a critical advantage in financial markets, but doing so with speed and scale requires significant time and resources.

In this session, learn how Goldman Sachs addressed this challenge by building a cloud-native, modular, and integrated collection of services to enable innovation in financial data analytics. Hear how the bank rearchitected its proprietary data and analytics capabilities using AWS services to make it easier to discover, combine, and analyze data in minutes. This session also shares how capital markets organizations can adopt this solution through the Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud to accelerate data integration and quantitative analysis.


And the other nice thing we also see in this architecture is how it can actually be elastic. Like as demand changes, you're able to grow, in terms of your different compute units that you want. And as demand changes, you're going to be able to shrink it down when demand goes down. So it provides you that elasticity, as well, so you're not just provisioning for the peak capacity."

Andrew Phillips
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

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