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Goldman Sachs Uses AWS Data Exchange to Streamline Data Processing and Analytics

In this session, Goldman Sachs discusses why they’ve decided to consume their financial data natively through AWS and how they’ve made data consumption and analytics more efficient and agile through AWS Data Exchange distribution methods.

Hear also from FactSet leadership on why they’re moving their financial exchange data to the cloud and using AWS Data Exchange to make their data more easily accessible and usable for AWS customers.

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AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange is on a mission to increase speed to value for third-party data sets in the cloud. There is no other place where customers can find data files, data tables, and data APIs from a vast portfolio of third-party data sets. We continuously innovate to make the world's third-party data easy to find in one data catalog, simple to subscribe to with consistent pricing options, and seamless to use with AWS data and analytics and machine learning services.

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