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AXA Group (AXA) is a leading international insurance organization headquartered in France with nearly 150,000 employees and a presence in 60 countries. It started its cloud journey in 2016 and now drives its ongoing digital transformation using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The business has accelerated its cloud adoption by creating a custom global landing zone following AWS best practices and using a range of services. This has given its 100 operating companies autonomy in innovation while ensuring a standardized and secure approach globally. AXA continues to innovate in the cloud by exploring services such as machine learning (ML) and business intelligence on AWS to deliver the next generation of insurance to customers worldwide.

  • Data Protection
  • 2022

    AXA Germany Puts Data Protection at the Heart of Its Digital Transformation

    AXA Germany’s chief security officer (CSO) Sascha Noack says three words describe the vision of the company’s security unit: care, protect, alert. Using AWS, the insurance firm can maintain business continuity and safeguard customer data in the cloud. It easily navigates complex regulations such as Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) requirements, the German IT Security Act 2.0, and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here, Gerald Boyne, principal security and compliance strategist at AWS, talks to Noack and Marco Becker, head of IT—governance, enablement, and operations at AXA Germany, about security in the cloud.

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  • Enterprise Transformation
  • 2020

    AXA Establishes Consistent Technical Standards and Accelerates Global Cloud Adoption Using AWS

    AXA wanted all its operating companies—more than 100 in total across 60 countries—to benefit from the speed and agility of working in the cloud. It turned to AWS to help it create a custom global landing zone. Through this, AXA companies can access a standardized set of tools, including encryption and network configuration, that help them innovate in the cloud. From improving fraud detection to developing new products, AXA’s companies around the world now have the autonomy to better serve their customers.

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    Using AWS, we can develop new products in days, whereas it used to take us months just to get the IT infrastructure ready.”

    Ash Shah
    Global Move to the Cloud Director, AXA

  • Machine Learning
  • 2020

    How AXA Group Is Driving Insurance Innovation Using Machine Learning on AWS

    As part of the AWS Executive Insights series, AWS enterprise strategist Miriam McLemore talks with Roland Scharrer, chief technology and innovation officer at AXA Group, about accelerating transformation in the insurance industry. The global insurance group, with a history spanning two centuries, is using AI and ML on AWS to improve fraud detection capabilities, speed up claim resolution times, and create innovative solutions for its clients. The result is the next generation of insurance services.

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  • Data Solutions
  • 2020

    AXA Singapore Builds a Data Lake on AWS to Improve Customer Sentiment Analysis and Services

    Insurance organization AXA Singapore wanted to take its customer engagement to new levels. With support from AWS and using the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the company migrated its entire infrastructure to the cloud, gaining scalable compute and storage to drive better use of data. Giving its employees complete, near real-time access to customer information is helping them respond with greater speed, as well as insight, so customers get a more valuable, personalized service.

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About AXA

AXA is a Paris-based multinational insurance company that works in more than 60 countries and serves around 106 million customers. One of the world’s leading insurance and asset management groups, it employs nearly 150,000 employees across its 100 operating companies.

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