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Instructure Used AWS Graviton3 Processors to Increase Performance while Reducing Costs

Instructure realized performance improvement and cost savings by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Graviton3 processors.  

Instructure, an education technology company that provides online learning solutions, wanted to increase its compute throughput while managing its scaling costs. The company needed to manage server load caused by massive remote learning traffic spikes as more students and teachers move their class online. Instructure wanted a viable solution for scaling compute power without degrading performance. After migrating to AWS Graviton3-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, the company realized as much as 20 percent improvement in throughput and in cost savings versus older instances types.


We use AWS Graviton3 instances in a number of places in our stack. They've provided us as much as 20% improvement in throughput and in cost savings versus older instances types."

Zach Pendleton
Chief Architect, Instructure

AWS Services Used

AWS Graviton3 Processors

AWS Graviton3 processors are the latest in the AWS Graviton processor family. They provide up to 25% better compute performance, up to 2x higher floating-point performance, and up to 2x faster cryptographic workload performance compared to AWS Graviton2 processors.

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