We put Amazon Aurora to the test and found that it was able to handle our current demands with plenty of room to grow.
Ciaran Lee CTO and Cofounder

Intercom, a messaging platform on a mission to make business personal, is consolidating all services and data onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the company’s rapid growth without the necessity of a large operations team. With more than 13,000 businesses using the product to connect with a billion people worldwide, Intercom wanted to avoid the limits of its existing relational database. Early in its migration, the company decided to move a live database with more than two billion rows into Amazon Aurora. It was able to do this with almost no downtime and without losing a single row, which led to fewer complexities of sharding, lower costs, and reduced latency in its queries.

“At the heart of Intercom is a simple relationship between users and the messages they receive. With more than a billion people on the platform, this translates into a lot of messages,” says Ciaran Lee, Intercom’s CTO and cofounder. “By going all-in on AWS, we will be able to keep real-time conversations running at a consistent speed, with low latency, to better serve our customers and have real conversations that build real connections.”

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