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Now TV Steps Up its Game to Deliver a World-Class Streaming Experience for the FIFA World Cup

Scoring big with unmatched live streaming

Now TV is one of the pay-TV providers in Hong Kong, known for its wide range of channels that cater to sports and entertainment enthusiasts. When Now TV was chosen as the official broadcaster for the FIFA World Cup 2022, it had to cope with a large increase in website traffic.

To provide a seamless streaming experience during the 2022 FIFA World Cup with no downtime or interruptions, Now TV turned to AWS Managed Services and AWS Enterprise Support. By adopting these services, Now TV streamlined operations, ensured high availability, and decreased its cloud expenditure by 15%.

AWS Customer Success Story: Now TV | Amazon Web Services

Achieving goals with zero downtime

2 weeks

to onboard to AWS Managed Services


monitoring, ensuring zero downtime and security incidents


decrease in cloud expenditure

We’re looking to invest in more innovative technologies to provide our customers with the best live viewing experience. And we know with the support of AWS Managed Services, we can achieve these goals.”

Belinda Chan
Head of Technology, HKT Home

AWS Services Used

AWS Managed Services

With AWS Managed Services, Now TV was able to streamline its operations by entrusting critical, yet undifferentiated tasks such as infrastructure security, backup management, and patching to AWS. This not only enabled the company to ensure optimal performance, but also eliminated the need to spend time and resources on recruiting and training additional  personnel, allowing Now TV to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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AWS Enterprise Support

Thanks to AWS Enterprise Support's around-the-clock monitoring, hands-on assistance, and incident management, Now TV can focus on providing its customers with exceptional service and driving business growth, without worrying about the complexities of IT infrastructure management.

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