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One Medical Powers Patient-Centered Care Using AWS

Learn how One Medical is scaling patient-centered care in select US geographies using AWS.


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Membership-based primary care company One Medical has a unique vision for using technology to deliver high-quality, human-centered healthcare for patients. At a time when the average physician spends one-sixth of his or her time on administrative work, One Medical has developed purpose-built solutions that empower providers and patients alike. “We’re leading with our care model and putting people at the center, using technology to improve the care delivery experience for both patients and care teams inside and outside the office,” says Deepak Alur, vice president of engineering at One Medical.

One Medical, who has locations and providers across the United States, has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) since it was founded in 2007, and continues to use AWS after joining Amazon in 2023. AWS technology is at the foundation of One Medical’s primary care service, which makes it simple for patients to connect with providers both in person and virtually through secure provider messaging and 24/7/365 on-demand video chats. One Medical is paving the way to the future of healthcare by streamlining the patient experience and reducing administrative work for providers.

“Clinicians at One Medical, myself included, are much happier working with our tech and super-simple user experience than with third-party systems,” says Andrew Diamond, chief medical officer at One Medical. “Because our software and our care model have evolved in tandem, we’ve been able to remove huge amounts of work for the clinical and administrative teams and operate much more efficiently and effectively, all while improving the quality of care for our patients.”

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Opportunity | Using AWS to Deliver Consistent, High-Quality Care for One Medical

According to the American Medical Association, over 60 percent of American physicians reported symptoms of burnout in late 2021. The association finds that systemic inefficiency, administrative work, the need to meet evolving regulatory requirements, and the challenge of keeping up with technological advancements are placing providers under a great deal of stress. Providers went into medicine to help patients but are often spending more time on administrative work than on healing. They would like to get back to focusing on patients, and One Medical is on a mission to make that possible.

The company has developed technology tailor-made for its unique workflows. “Most companies have their care models, and then they purchase third-party products to support them,” says Anjali Jameson, senior vice president of product at One Medical. “We built our products from the ground up around the care that we provide.” The result is a more seamless experience for providers, who have more time to focus on patients through in-person care at hundreds of clinics as well as through virtual care.

One Medical uses AWS services to host its healthcare platform, including 1Life, its own purpose-built Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. 1Life was designed for a team-based approach to providing care, making it simple and secure for providers to interact with patients. “We are an AWS-first health technology platform,” says Alur. “Our applications, services, data platform, and infrastructure use AWS services and are deployed on AWS.”

Security and privacy are top priorities for AWS and its thousands of healthcare and life sciences customers. Using AWS, customers own their data, and they control its location and who has access to it. AWS builds security into the core of its cloud infrastructure and offers foundational services to help organizations meet their unique security requirements in the cloud. Customers retain control of the security they choose to implement to protect their own content, solutions, applications, systems, and networks.


We want to offer more services to our patients. On AWS, we can move fast to deliver them.”

Deepak Alur
Vice President of Engineering, One Medical

Solution | Automating Administrative Tasks to Focus on Patients by Using AWS

One Medical offers a streamlined and meaningful experience to providers. From a single screen,  providers can see all relevant information about each patient and can perform all necessary actions, including writing notes, updating the problem list, prescribing medications, ordering studies and consultations, and reviewing test results and outside records.  

On the patient side, One Medical is committed to making people feel seen and cared for. Whenever a patient calls a provider or visits a clinic, even one they haven’t previously visited, the provider has their profile ready at hand through 1Life. As a result, patients and providers don’t have to spend time rehashing personal details and can get right to addressing needs. “If I call in as a patient and my primary care doctor is not available, someone else can access my 1Life chart and take care of me,” says Alur. With this approach, One Medical can also seamlessly support its patients’ care needs as they travel across the United States.

By reducing the administrative burden on its clinicians, One Medical is helping its providers spend more time with patients. “One Medical has a very big emphasis on being empathetic and compassionate to provide better care to patients,” says Alur. “Our care model and workflows are designed for providers to connect with patients and care for them holistically.”

One Medical is also using AWS to support HIPAA-compliant machine learning and AI services. For example, the company uses machine learning solutions to automate document processing for its patients. Using Amazon Bedrock —a service to build, train, and deploy machine learning models—One Medical is exploring automatically summarizing patient records for providers. One Medical is also exploring the use of large language models to enhance human interaction in telehealth settings by recommending helpful responses to patient messages.

Outcome | Building a Flexible, Extensible Healthcare System on AWS

Now that it is part of Amazon, One Medical is looking to bring its innovative approach to human-centered care to as many people as possible. “Amazon is really good at scale, convenience, and affordability, and we are really good at providing incredible, multimodal care experiences,” says Jameson. “We can do a lot of good together.”

Thoughtful innovation remains at the core of One Medical’s approach to providing quality care. In the future, One Medical wants to add more ways to partner with the patient through their health journey. “We want to offer more services to our patients,” says Alur. “On AWS, we can move fast to deliver them.”

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One Medical is a membership-based healthcare company on a mission to make getting quality care more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable through human-centered design and technology. The company offers both in-person and virtual care.

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