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PBS Leverages AWS to Build Streaming Platform, Increasing Education for All

PBS has over 330 member stations and reaches 100 million people through television and 32 million people online monthly with diverse education and entertainment programming and applications.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a pioneer in developing and delivering educational content to kids across the US. For many, Ms. Frizzle driving the magic school bus and Mr. Rogers welcoming us to his neighborhood played a huge role in our childhood. However, many is not all. The word “public” means it’s for everyone. PBS identified a gap in access to educational content in rural communities where many families experience limited connectivity.

To overcome this digital divide, PBS used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring content streaming to 300 plus local member stations. Because of the infrastructure built on AWS, kids can now watch videos and play games from anywhere. They can also download content that can be accessed offline if in an area with limited connectivity.


AWS helped us figure out how to bring all these individual stations onto a single platform. And from start to finish, it took less than three months. We were able to, at scale, take all these feeds through AWS and power it out through our app. We're doing over 500 million streams a month and it's all powered on AWS."

Ira Rubenstein
Cheif Digital and Marketing Officer at PBS

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