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Topics: Sustainability, Climate Change, Research

Accelerating Climate Research

November 2021

About the Episode 

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) is collaborating with SilverLining and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to run the first full-production climate-model simulations in the cloud. Using cloud-based technology and hosting the resulting datasets in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Sponsorship Program will open a powerful new avenue to accelerate climate research and democratize access to tools and information that will help protect our planet. 

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04:30 - Addressing climate change with global collaboration and technology
10:30 - Advancing climate sciences with cloud resources
15:20 - Deep dive into NCAR simulations and models

16:50 - Solar climate interventions
20:10 - Democratization of climate datasets
23:30 - Looking ahead 6-12 months

Guest Speakers

Kelly Wanser Headshot
Kelly Wanser Headshot

Kelly Wanser

Kelly Wanser is the executive director of SilverLining, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that society has sufficient options to address near-term climate risk. SilverLining engages with the research community, policymakers, technologists, and civil society to help advance research and innovation in efforts to ensure a safe climate.

Dr. Stephan Rohr Headshot
Jean-François Lamarque Headshot

Jean-François Lamarque

Jean-François Lamarque is the director of the Climate & Global Dynamics (CGD) Laboratory at NCAR. The lab's mission is to discover the key processes in each component of the Earth's climate system and the interactions among them; represent this understanding in models to provide a basis for prediction of climate; and apply the understanding and models to scientific problems of societal relevance.

Dr. Chris Lennard Headshot
Dr. Chris Lennard Headshot

Dr. Chris Lennard

Dr. Chris Lennard is research staff and a climatologist at the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. CSAG is an international climate research center with broad research skills and competency in both physical and social dimensions of climate. CSAG prioritizes research to support responses to climate variability and change.

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