Smaato Reduces Networking Costs by 75% with Amazon SageMaker


Smaato is an in-app mobile monetization platform, whose core auction platform allows app developers to connect with advertising demand partners to generate ad revenue programmatically. The company sought to reduce its networking costs on outbound bid requests sent to advertising partners, so it developed a traffic-filtering service that uses machine learning with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon EMR to predict advertising partners’ likelihood to bid in auctions.

“We used to pay very high amount of money in outbound traffic for our bid requests,” says François Guerraz, systems architect at Smaato. “Thanks to machine learning, we’ve been able to predict effectively which demand partners are going to be interested in specific ad requests and only send the request to a specific subset of the demand partners. We have achieved a 75% cost reduction in outbound network costs.”

Smaato Reduces Networking Costs by 75% with Amazon SageMaker (1:46)

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