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Powering Digital Progress with New AWS Skills


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Telkomsel is a leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia with services covering mobile gaming, digital entertainment, mobile financial services, enterprise solutions, and IoT. With over 27 years in the industry, Telkomsel has served more than 156 million customers with its diverse portfolio of personal and enterprise solutions.

Benefits on AWS

  • Scaled application by 175% to support increase in subscribers
  • Reduced server provisioning time from 5 days to 13 minutes
  • Performance of virtual assistant application improved by 170%

"We’ve reduced the expense of upgrading hardware and managing our environment. Now, we can allocate more resources to enhancing MyOrbit application and improving services."

Kristian Nugroho
General Manager for Platform and Cloud Center of Excellence, Telkomsel

Upskilling to Cloud Excellence

To deliver the scalability and flexibility needed to handle peaks and troughs in demand from their 156 million subscribers, Telkomsel began a migration to AWS. To accelerate best practice adoption, they embarked on a comprehensive cloud training program and established a Cloud Center of Excellence in collaboration with AWS Training and Certification. Over 1,000 staff participated in upskilling initiatives, with self-paced fundamental cloud training offered to thousands more. By building a cloud-first mentality across the company, teams can now collaborate more seamlessly on cloud projects and focus on innovation.

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Cloud Fluent Teams

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With over 1,000 staff taking up formal cloud training, and self-paced learning, Telkomsel has built cloud-fluency across the organization which results in more seamless collaboration on cloud projects.

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Innovative Culture

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Telkomsel was the first Telco in Indonesia to embark on a broad-base cloud training initiative based on the AWS Skills Guild framework, helping them develop an innovative, cloud-first culture.
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Improved CX

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With more cloud skills in the business, Telkomsel adopted AWS services more easily, being able to scale and manage their in-house resources more effectively to improve the customer experience
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Successful Migration

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Having cloud fluent teams contributed to a more efficient and successful migration of some of Telkomsel’s core services, including their MyOrbit home internet service, and chat-based virtual assistant, Veronika.
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AWS Training Supports Telkomsel’s Cloud Migration and Innovation

Telkomsel’s partnered with AWS Skills Guild to enhance its staff proficiency in cloud computing and deliver even more value from the AWS Cloud.