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Unacademy Uses AWS Enterprise Support to Increase Visibility and Optimize Costs by 25%

Abhishek, a senior engineering manager leading data science and engineering teams at Unacademy, discusses how Uncademy works with the AWS Enterprise Support team to provide scalable learning platform to its student. Unacademy has over 91,000 registered educators and about 92 million learners on its platform.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unacademy seamlessly conducts millions of live classes every month, accommodating thousands of concurrent users per class. AWS solutions ensure that learners, even in the remotest areas of the country with 3G connections, can access knowledge. Delivering a range of interactive features under 100 milliseconds, Unacademy is reshaping the landscape of accessible, high-quality education in India.

AWS Enterprise Support helps Unacademy meet its business objectives and continue to improve availability and performance of its learning platform. Using AWS Enterprise Support Proactive Services such as Cloud Operations reviews, service reviews for critical workloads, enablement sessions, and hands-on workshops has led Unacademy to improve site reliability and efficiency, and increase cost-effectiveness of its workloads. Unacademy collaborated with an AWS technical account manager (TAM) to leveraged the Cost Visibility dashboard, which provides better visibility under to cost and usage. Together, they devised and executed a structured cost-optimization plan resulting in 25 percent cost savings.


With AWS Enterprise support, we move closer to our goal of 99.99% availability. We believe that technology and innovation are key drivers in achieving our goal of democratizing education and making it accessible to everyone. I look forward to continuous support from the AWS team in achieving our mission"

Abhishek Kundalia
Sr. Engineering Manager - Unacademy

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