Because AWS was early to the healthcare industry, they have learned with experience and build better services as a result. AWS continues to be on the cutting edge and provides great value for our organization.
Bill Bates Senior Vice President of Technology, Validic

Validic aims to improve the quality of human life by making personal data actionable. Validic achieves that goal by helping healthcare and wellness organizations access, integrate and operationalize personal health data gathered from clinical home health devices, sensors, fitness equipment, wearables, and consumer health applications. With a HIPAA-compliant platform, Validic enables the authorized transfer of data from a user’s devices and apps to their healthcare or wellness program in near real-time, and provides rules, triggers and analytics functions to make the data actionable within existing systems.

In this presentation, Validic CEO Drew Schiller discusses the challenge today’s healthcare system faces in providing care from a shrinking workforce with fewer resources to a growing population of patients with complex conditions. He explores the opportunities for the integration of health data into existing clinical systems and workflows to enable providers to offer more comprehensive care at scale. Schiller also discusses how healthcare systems today are integrating personal health data for large patient populations to enable more proactive care, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs.

Validic relies on AWS infrastructure to simplify and secure how clinicians access personal patient data within their typical workflow. Validic uses 300 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, stores more than 20 TB of data backups in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and uses Amazon load balancing and container services to allow for portability and scaling.