By using AWS, we can provide a frictionless experience for our customers going through the vehicle loan approval process.

Krishen Rangappa Chief Technology Officer, WesBank

Company: WesBank
Industry: Financial Services
Country: South Africa
Employees: 500

WesBank is a leading vehicle and asset finance provider and part of one of the largest financial services groups in Africa. WesBank is the partner of choice for over 60 leading international brands, including automotive companies, insurance providers, and oil companies.

• Delivers new scalable application environments quickly
• Provides a frictionless customer experience
• Boosts collaboration between internal developers and remote delivery teams

As South Africa's leading vehicle and asset financer, WesBank always strives to improve the financing experience for its customers. To do that, the company wanted to introduce an application that would deliver a frictionless experience for new and existing customers seeking car loans.

"Our loan approval process is the most critical process for us and we wanted to explore digitizing it," says Krishen Rangappa, Chief Technology Officer for WesBank. However, WesBank's on-premises IT environment made it difficult to scale compute resources up or down on demand during development.

WesBank addressed its challenges by moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS). “AWS had a level of maturity we were looking for in a cloud provider,” says Rangappa.

Using AWS, WesBank was able to easily build and deliver Fast Track, a new customer-centric financing and loan approval application that automates the steps customers need to go through online.

Relying on AWS to support its development and production efforts, WesBank achieved its primary goal of optimizing customer applications. “By using AWS, we can now provide a frictionless experience for our customers going through the vehicle loan preapproval process,” says Rangappa.

The agility of AWS enables a DevOps model for WesBank, so the company can easily integrate with dealers, manufacturers, and other external partners. In addition, the scalability of AWS enabled WesBank to support new customer growth for Fast Track.

WesBank has also improved collaboration, so WesBank in-house developers work easily with developers in India without needing to architect low-level software components.

In addition, WesBank can meet its regulatory compliance requirements more easily. “We are required to meet strict financial regulations,” says Rangappa. “From a security perspective, there’s a lot of fortitude in the components AWS offers, so we don’t have to engineer components ourselves. This is another example of how AWS is helping us meet all our critical business requirements.”