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Schwan Home Delivery Creates Meaningful Connections Using Amazon Personalize

Yelloh (formerly Schwan’s Home Delivery) wanted to transform into a modern mobile retailer. The company wanted to become more effective in how it connects with customers and employees to ultimately enhance its food delivery operational model. Building on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and using Amazon Personalize, Yelloh sends personalized product recommendations and suggests new food items customers might like. In this video, Kevin Boyum, chief strategy officer for Yelloh, discusses how the company uses machine learning and Amazon Personalize to generate individually curated messages in order to engage with customers at the right time with the right products. Learn how this increased customer satisfaction and purchase orders for the company.



Introducing this capability with AWS means we are connecting with customers. Those customers are buying more frequently. When they buy more frequently, they have a higher average order value. It is the ultimate win–win. Customers appreciate options and they appreciate personalization and relevance.”

Kevin Boyum
Chief Strategy Officer, Schwan’s Home Delivery/Yelloh

AWS Services Used

Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize allows developers to quickly build and deploy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation at scale using machine learning (ML). Because Amazon Personalize can be tailored to your individual needs, you can deliver the right customer experience at the right time and in the right place.

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