Accelerated Application Modernization using CCAP

Application modernization through transformation choices on AWS and/or hybrid environments

Accelerated Application Modernization on AWS using Cognizant® Cloud Acceleration Platform (CCAP) offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises to effectively modernize their legacy applications to meet the demands of the future by making them agile, resilient, adaptable, secured, and cost effective to create new business value.

Cognizant’s approach to this transformation includes modernization at the infrastructure, platform, application layers through a mix of Cognizant frameworks, IPs that includes our flagship platform CCAP at the center of it and its plugin ecosystem. CCAP provides an end-to-end solution starting with the assessment and transformation of workloads, through deployment of applications on and off the cloud using native container orchestration services/platforms and interfaces that helps setup GitOps/DevOps pipelines.    


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Cloud Readiness Assessment
Automated assessment targeted for specific cloud platforms with detailed recommendations

Remediation Templates and Transform

Reusable templates to fix anti-patterns and framework level changes through blueprints

Container Deployment Plugin

Integration to the Container Deployment Platform Plugin (CDP) that streamlines deployment onto containers
Ease of Integration

Feature extensibility through plugin integrations to include 3rd-party tools/platforms/AWS services

  • How it works
    • Readiness Assessment: Landing zone assessment inclusive of DevOps pipelines, serverless computing models and micro services architecture with containers and cloud native. It deploys the assessment in a Kubernetes cluster but can also be run as a standalone application in the customers environment or on AWS.
    • Identifying anti-pattern: The assessment module includes a ML-based cross-check analysis of the code base against a data set of 1500+ anti-patterns.
    • Remediation templates: Reusable remediation templates that fixes anti-patterns identified by applying predefined parameterized changes to .Net, Java, and PHP based application.
    • Transformation Recipes: Enhance application functionalities through out-of-the-box recipes that includes wrapping struts applications with spring boot framework, transformation for applications running on WebPphere to name a few. Recipes can also be customized to target specific code transformations.
    • CI/CD Pipeline Integration: Automated integration with CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on to multiple target platforms on AWS.
    • Container Deployment Plugin: CCAP provides a shared services platform using Cognizant CDP to deploy containerized applications on to AWS (Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS) and/or customer’s on-prem (Amazon EKS Anywhere, Amazon ECS Anywhere).
  • Key activities
  • 1) Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Automate readiness assessment of the current state through the CCAP platform with the migration R's

    2) Removal of Anti-Patterns
    Identify the Anti Patterns discovered through the assessment and treat them through remediation templates
    3) Configuration changes
    Configuration changes and dependencies to be added through service templates
    4) Applying Transformation Recipes
    Enhance application functionality through out-of-the-box or customized transformation recipes
    5) CI/CD Pipeline
    Configure an optional CI/CD template to automate the deployment chain using Jenkins
    6) Container Deployment Plugin
    CDP enable developers to promote the applications to container-based infra in AWS
  • Customer contribution
  • Identity and Access
    Customers to provide access with adequate permissions to run the tools on their environment

    Environment & Workload architecture

    Provide all architecture artifacts pertaining to the current state of the environments and the workloads
    Remediation/Transform decision
    Confirming the nature of remediation templates and transformation recipes before running them
    Application source code

    Requires application source code as input to perform assessment and transformation to target cloud

    Final sign off
    Provide a final sign off at the end of the engagement
  • About this consultant
  • Cognizant works with global enterprises to build robust, modern, and secure digital platforms on the AWS Cloud, enabling them to accelerate innovation, scale business services, and improve operational agility. With corporate headquarters in the United States and offices across more than 40 countries worldwide, Cognizant's global presence extends its delivery capability and amplifies its impact. With approximately 300,000 employees globally with 100+ transformational blueprints, 4,500+ certified AWS professionals, 12,000+ trained AWS practitioners, and 300+ customers on AWS, Cognizant is ready to help with all your AWS Cloud needs.

    As an AWS Partner, Cognizant can advance your digital transformation journey by modernizing your core to promote innovation. Cognizant optimizes operations, drives efficiencies, unlocks new business opportunities, and offers richer and differentiated customer experiences through three core capabilities: Cloud Consult, Cloud Migrate, and Cloud Operate.

    Cognizant is an AWS Partner offering consutling services, an AWS Managed Services Provider Partner, and an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Cognizant has achieved the AWS SAP, AWS Migration, AWS Financial Services, AWS Healthcare, and AWS Life Sciences Competencies and the AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery designation, among others.

  • Architecture diagram

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