Manage Cloud Platforms Efficiently

Meikai is an easy-to-use and low-risk solution that keeps clients in control of cloud-based assets.

Meikai provides transparency, control, and automation in an enterprise cloud landscape. It is a multipurpose tool that provides a single source of truth and can be trusted to report  information in a neutral manner on a single pane of glass, aiding decision making. It is a business-centric solution that makes cloud ecosystem management more efficient and enables the skills of teams to be leveraged to maximize benefit with no disruption.

Meikai helps your business move to the cloud, securely unlocking operational and costs benefits.



Product is available worldwide through AWS Marketplace, excluding some countries that do not have any kind of commercial agreement with the European Union or that are excluded from international trading.


  • Inventory and visibility

    Consolidates an inventory of assets across multiple cloud platforms and provides visibility into them.

  • Platform operations

    Extends management baselines with conducted automated ops catalogs and enables centralized control.

  • Compliance

    Establishes KPI-based rules ensuring that each state is properly configured and running as expected.

  • Governance

    Enables business decision-making based on trustable information of existing cloud ecosystems.

  • How it works
  • An enterprise cloud deployment requires the business to deal with several cloud native services which requires the use of new operating models. Therefore, having complete visibility into the technology stack is mandatory. Fostering efficiency on operations makes the difference.

    Meikai covers the following disciplines of cloud operations: inventory and visibility, operations management, and compliance and governance, providing a holistic view of the enterprise cloud platform. Focusing on its two main features, it is important to highlight:

    • Single source of truth – Inventory and Visibility: Meikai integrates information coming from multiple data sources, all of them are essential information of an operating model, however, given the volume of information and 3rd party API complexity, might be unmanageable. AWS provides great services, such as AppFlow, that allows to seamlessly integrate data flows from other 3rd party SaaS solution with Meikai.
    • Trends forecasting - Governance: Understanding the behavior of cloud platforms based on trustable information is the cornerstone to make business decisions. Moreover, the client has the ability to forecast their future needs in terms of AWS service use by utilizing AI/ML technologies. AWS provides advanced components such as forecast, which allows Meikai to perform time series accurate predictions on top of curated intelligent analysis as a service.
  • Key activities
    • Sizing licensing model

      Meikai has different options, and will help clients to identify the best option for them.

    • Pricing

      Provide a final pricing to clients according their necessities.

    • Support to initial setup

      Meikai provides guidance when defining options and configuring the toolset for a ready-to-go offering.

    • Basic training

      Onboarding interaction courses with Meikai to enable the client to be autonomous.

  • Customer contribution
    • Team planning

      Meikai maximizes value for client's operations when engaging its modules with different team roles.

    • Setup cloud integrations 

      Deployment of provided configuration assets allowing Meikai to interact with existing cloud accounting.

    • Setup 3rd-party tools

      Configure integrations with other tools involved in existing cloud operating model.

  • About this consultant
  • NTT DATA is the 6th-leading IT Service company in the world, is part of the NTT Group.

    NTT DATA EMEAL was born to bring transformation and innovation to clients in Europe and Latin America. Through a wide range of strategic consulting and advisory services, cutting-edge technologies, applications, infrastructure, IT modernization and BPOs, we are able to make the impossible possible.

  • Architecture diagram

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