CPG IoT Production Visibility solutions help to monitor production health against your schedule

When an unplanned event such as a machine failure or a machine running out of performance occurs, the time it takes to remediate it can lead to thousands, and in some cases millions in loss of revenue. Predicting when these unplanned events occur isn't always possible and/or sometimes ineffective.

Having visibility of the entire production process condition against the schedule and machine target thresholds provides production leaders and operators with the ability to react immediately and stop/reduce unplanned events impacting production.

Production leaders and operators can't watch a visual dashboard all day, so DXC's solution raises alarms and assigns tasks to users when unplanned events occur. This means factory staff can focus on the process and leave the monitoring and alarm generation to an automated system.

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Reduce impact of unplanned events

Avoid or reduce the impact of unplanned events by having real-time holistic production visibility

Improve processes

A rich source of information on your unplanned events to accelerate improvement plans

Improved rescheduling efficiency

Knowing the real-time condition of the entire process enables faster and more efficient rescheduling

Improve processes and configuration

Having rich and insightful downtime information leads to faster and greater production improvement

  • How it works
  • DXC uses its consulting services to help customers determine how much value they can get from introducing IoT technologies into their factories. DXC then provides a discovery and design service that develops a tailored production visibility design and implementation plan for their specific factory and production lines.

    The technical solution ingests the production schedule using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and loads it into AWS IoT SiteWise using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda. An AWS IoT SiteWise edge gateway is used to capture the required parameter data from industrial equipment in the factory and ingesting it to AWS IoT SiteWise in the AWS cloud. AWS IoT SiteWise is used to analyze the data against the schedule to determine if the equipment is operating within the expected parameters. DXC's unique and user-friendly interface displays the condition of the machinery with easy to understand icons for indicating the health of the production process.

    When the production process isn't operating within the planned production parameters, the solution also raises alerts that can be assigned to one or more operators to remediate. The solution requests a reason for the unplanned event so that management can assess where improvements are required to reduce the amount and types of unplanned events. This reporting function is provided using Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight.

  • Key activities
  • Value proposition project

    Using industry experts, DXC assesses the value of computer vision for quality control in a customer factory

    Discovery and design project

    A survey on the production line and quality process to produce a detailed solution design and deployment plan

    Pilot deployment

    Implementation of the solution onto the production line and training of the model

    Pilot training

    Training for factory users of the solution to ensure value from the pilot is achieved

    Pilot evaluation and support

    Pilot technical solution and useability support

  • Customer contribution
  • Value proposition project

    DXC requires access to the factory and time with production management

    Discovery and design project

    DXC requires access to production lines, machines and time with operators, maintenance, and machine suppliers

    Pilot deployment

    DXC requires access to production lines, machine area, and time with maintenance team

    Pilot training

    DXC requires access to production lines, machine areas, operators, and production manager

  • About this consultant
  • DXC focuses on true business outcomes underpinned by fully managed mission critical grade services. They complete smart factory portfolio with a best-of-breed partner ecosystem to ensure their manufacturing customers get the most from next generation technologies. DXC has a large existing client-base in CPG manufacturing, and they provide smart factory and mission critical services to many of the world's largest CPG manufacturers. DXC is an AWS solution provider and premier service Partner. DXC's services cover strategy, design, migration, and managed services for cloud, applications, and analytics.

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