FICO Customer Communication Services (CCS)

Maximize agent productivity, provide high-quality and consistent customer care, and ensure regulatory compliance

Technical solution validated by AWS

FICO CCS can be rapidly deployed on AWS

FICO Customer Communication Services (CCS) seamlessly integrates with enterprise debt management, fraud, and origination systems to maximize agent productivity, provide high-quality and consistent customer care, and ensure regulatory compliance. CCS reviews each customer’s account history to identify the proper treatment path, selecting communication strategies that align to the customer’s preferences. By intelligently automating, two-way communications with auto-resolution via virtual agents, CCS provides a convenient option for customers to manage payments, resolve fraud, and move an application process forward.

CCS deployment on AWS infrastructure allows for flexible expansions, faster time-to-value, much lower TCO, and quick implementation of new analytic capabilities. These benefits are achieved while meeting regulatory and security demands.

FICO is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved AWS Financial Services Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

Solution highlights

Drive multi-channel engagement and delight your customers

­Improved customer experience: Built-in logic and rules consider history, relevant risk, location, amount, and individual customer behavior patterns to route calls and make decisions. Increase customer satisfaction with reduced call center wait times, instant responses, use of channels that match customer preferences

Improved agent productivity: Focus live agent efforts on more complex collections, fraud, or onboarding cases and increase consistency with scripts that can be customized to any profile

Automation: Achieve higher right-party contact and resolution rates with virtual agents armed with scripts designed to handle the most common customer inbound calls. Lower call center volumes and costs by providing self-resolution options to customers

­Greater flexibility: FICO’s solution success managers continually works to optimize the CCS to finetune and adjust strategies

Remain compliant: Adheres to all federal and local regulations such as TCPA

National Australia Bank uses FICO Customer Communication Services to Improve Customer Engagement

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