Veritas Long Term Data Retention on AWS

Modernize your long term retention (LTR) strategy with Veritas and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Protecting business application data is a basic but essential need to ensure business uptime. Veritas and AWS provide customers around the globe the capabilities necessary to modernize their long-term data retention strategies. With Veritas, eliminate tape altogether and seamlessly move that data to AWS for long-term retention. Should the unthinkable occur, feel confident knowing that you can restore data from Veritas on-premises appliances or from AWS. Take advantage of the economic and productivity benefits associated with a simple and modern long-term data retention strategy.

This solution is supported by the Test Drive NetBackup on AWS from Veritas, an APN Advanced Technology Partner.

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    Solution highlights:

    • ­ Veritas NetBackup for data backup and recovery that is optimized for AWS
    • ­Veritas CloudCatalyst for fast end-to-end deduplication
    • ­Veritas Access facilitates on-site and tiered backup to AWS

    Key features: ­

    • ­Streamline backup and restore operations
    • ­Protect cloud, physical and virtual environments
    • ­Improve service continuity
    • ­Minimize downtime

    APN Partners deliver storage solutions, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with Veritas, an APN Advanced Technology Partner.

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    This solution can be lauched through a Test Drive NetBackup on AWS from Veritas, an APN Advanced Technology Partner.

    Discover value from this solution by gaining access to AWS credits to support a Proof-of-Concept (POC) with this solution.

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