In this talk we'll look at an overall security strategy for your deployment pulled from the real-world experiences of some of the top companies around the world. This strategy along with services like AWS Lambda can provide a unified view of your deployment and automatically respond to incidents… regardless of scale.

Paul Hidalgo, Security Solutions Architect, Trend Micro, APAC


Today’s cutting edge companies have software release cycles measured in days instead of months. This agility is enabled by the DevOps practice of continuous delivery, which automates building, testing, and deploying all code changes. This automation helps you catch bugs sooner and accelerates developer productivity. In this session, we’ll share the processes followed by Amazon engineers and discuss how you can bring them to your company by using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy, services inspired by Amazon's internal developer tools and DevOps culture.

Rohini Gaonkar, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN


Data has grown to become a valuable asset to drive fundamental business-changing decisions. The pressure of handling real-time, massive amount of data to bring about new values is weighing on the already overloaded systems. This keynote looks to share some of the best practices in Cloud re-architecting to leverage the power of AWS and provide the systems with the ability to handle large-scale data: from migrating the entire Oracle database to AWS infrastructure & services, to re-designing the entire architecture to use cloud-native services (Kinesis, DynamoDB, S3) & enjoy the great benefits of AWS.

Cuong Bui, Chief Solution Architect, AWS Taskforce, FPT Software


This session demonstrates how to architect for continuous compliance and security using CloudWatch Events and AWS Config rules. This session focuses on the actual code for the various controls, actions, and remediation features, and how to use various AWS services and features to build them. The demos in this session include CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations validation; examples of custom rules for regulatory compliance and how to automate aspects of incident response.

Myles Hosford, Security Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, APAC


The cloud is transforming the way businesses deploy and manage applications. Organizations are increasingly deploying and migrating applications to public and private clouds primarily to drive agility, operational efficiency and cost savings.
While we all recognize the benefits of Cloud, the fact is that there are significant differences between how an application runs in a public IaaS provider data center designed for multiple tenants and how it runs in your private enterprise datacenter.

Michael Quek, Regional Director, ASEAN, F5 Networks


While cloud is fast becoming the new normal for organisations of all sizes, many IT executives & budget owners struggle to articulate the business value of moving to the cloud in terms that resonate with the Board and the broader C suite. In this session, we will talk through a live customer migration investment case that we had developed for a customer to undertake a commercial evaluation of their move to the cloud. It will illustrate the true impact of cloud computing on the overall IT cost base along with migration costs and associated non-cost benefits. Finally, we will discuss how AWS can support you in developing a similar investment case for your organization through a holistic framework.

Conor McNamara, Head of Business Development, Amazon Web Services, APAC


Varoon Ranjani, Chief Executive Officer, BlazeClan Technologies

Aik-Chong Phuah, Chief Technology Officer, Astro


AWS provides a broad platform of managed services to help you build, secure, and seamlessly scale end-to-end Big Data applications quickly and with ease. Want to get ramped up on how to use Amazon's big data web services? Learn when to use which service? Want to write your first big data application on AWS? Join us in this session as we discuss reference architecture, design patterns, and best practices for pulling together various AWS services to meet your big data challenges.

Eng-Hwa Tan, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, ASEAN