Getting Started with Amazon Monitron

Steps to get started


Purchase sensors and gateways.

To get started with Amazon Monitron, you can buy Amazon Monitron Sensors and Gateways on and Amazon Business. Amazon Monitron also offers a Starter Kit that includes five Sensors and one Gateway so that you can get started in an easy and cost-effective way.

Purchase sensors and gateways – US, UK, Germany, Spain, FranceItaly, and Canada.


Configure and install.

Create a project within the Amazon Monitron console. Then, using the Amazon Monitron mobile app, you can commission Amazon Monitron Gateways, register the equipment you would like to monitor, and pair Amazon Monitron Sensors to one or more positions on the equipment. The getting started guide, provided in the console and the mobile app, will take you through this setup step-by-step, with no special training required. 


Monitor and manage using Amazon Monitron app.

Once the Amazon Monitron Sensors and Gateways are set up, the sensors automatically connect to AWS via the Gateway and Amazon Monitron starts monitoring the equipment. Get alerts whenever Amazon Monitron detects potential failures. In the Amazon Monitron mobile and web apps, you can view sensor measurements, and provide feedback on alerts received to help improve system accuracy.

Android app is available in the Google Play store »
iOS app is available in the Apple App Store »

Amazon Monitron Web app can be accessed in a browser by clicking on the Amazon Monitron project link.

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Visit the Amazon Monitron Resources page.

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