AWS Cloud Quest

Develop in-demand cloud skills in this immersive role-playing simulation

About AWS Cloud Quest

AWS Cloud Quest is the only 3D role-playing game to help you build practical AWS Cloud skills. Choose your role—Cloud Practitioner, Serverless Developer, Solutions Architect, Machine Learning Specialist, Security Specialist, Data Analytics Specialist, or Networking Specialist—then learn and apply cloud skills to help the citizens of your virtual city.

Once you finish all the assignments in your role, showcase your achievement with a digital badge. Whether you’re starting your cloud learning journey or diving into specialized skills, AWS Cloud Quest helps you learn in an interactive, engaging way.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Quest

Immerse yourself and your teams in training with solution building tasks specific to job and business needs.

Build solutions in a live AWS environment — first with step-by-step guidance, then experiment on your own.

Create customized learning paths to onboard new employees and deepen cloud skills; gain insights as teams learn together.

Accelerate skills development by hosting AWS Cloud Quest Tournaments, where players develop practical cloud skills while competing in a virtual match.

Build role-specific skills and earn your badge

Dive into the roles that matter most for your learning goals. Once you complete all of the assignments in a role, showcase your achievement with a digital badge, shareable on your social networks.

Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Quest Cloud Practitioner badge

Develop a fundamental understanding of cloud concepts and start building solutions. Get hands-on experience with compute, networking, database, and security services.


Solutions Architect

AWS Cloud Quest Solutions Architect badge

Dive into a broad set of AWS services and build secure, fault-tolerant, and highly available AWS solutions.


Serverless Developer

AWS Cloud Quest Serverless Developer badge

Build multi-tiered serverless applications and get hands-on experience building modern applications using AWS serverless technology.


Machine Learning

AWS Cloud Quest Machine Learning badge

Build solutions with AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Gain experience with model training, reinforcement learning, anomaly detection, text to speech, and computer vision.



AWS Cloud Quest Security badge

Use AWS security services to build solutions that respond to incidents, remediate quickly, detect vulnerabilities, and prevent data loss.


Data Analytics

AWS Cloud Quest Data Analytics badge

Work with scalable data lakes, data warehousing, big data analytics, and more in this role focused on modern data architecture and AWS analytics services.



AWS Cloud Quest Data Analytics badge

Use AWS services to scale network connectivity, connect to on-premises networks, protect applications, analyze network traffic and identify suspicious activity.

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