AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription Pricing

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The AWS Skill Builder Team subscription is a seat-based offering where a user with an active seat can access all the subscription training resources available. A seat can be assigned to only one user at any given time. You can purchase seats and then distribute those seats to your employees.

The Team subscription is an annual subscription and is available to organizations that want to purchase a minimum of 50 seats. The following prices are applicable to customers worldwide. Volume discounts are available based on the number of seats purchased.  

Number of subscription seats  Annual price per seat (USD) 
First 100 seats (seats 1-100) $449 
Next 900 seats (seats 101-1,000)  $299 
Over 1,000 seats (seats 1,001+)  $149 

Please note that these prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax. For more information about billing and subscription seat management, visit the FAQs.

Pricing example 1

If you purchase 200 subscription seats:

  • For first 100 seats: 100 x $449 = $44,900
  • For the next 100 seats: 100 x $299 = $29,900
  • Total price: $74,800

Pricing example 2

You can add additional subscription seats to an existing Team subscription purchase. The additional seats will have the same subscription end-date as the original seats, and the price will be prorated accordingly.

Let’s consider a scenario where you had purchased 200 seats on June 15, 2022 and add an additional 500 seats six months later.

  • The additional seats will have the same end date as the seats purchased originally (in this case, June 14, 2023).
  • You will pay $74,800 when you purchase the first 200 seats (see example 1 above for details).
  • The next 500 seats will have an annual price of $299 because they are within the tier (seats 101-1000), as described in the table above . The price will be prorated for 6 months. So, you will pay (500 x $299) / (12/(12 - 6)) = $74,750 when you add those additional seats.
  • The total cost will be ($74,800 + $74,750) = $149,550.