Why Amazon Transcribe?

Amazon Transcribe is a fully managed, automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for developers to add speech to text capabilities to their applications. It is powered by a next-generation, multi-billion parameter speech foundation model that delivers high accuracy transcriptions for streaming and recorded speech. Thousands of customers across industries use it to automate manual tasks, unlock rich insights, increase accessibility, and boost discoverability of audio and video content.

Realize the value of your speech data today with Amazon Transcribe.

Benefits of Amazon Transcribe

Easily embed voice technologies in your applications with Amazon Transcribe, a fully managed, multi-billion parameter speech foundation model that instantly converts real-time or recorded speech into text. It is trained on millions of hours of audio data across a variety of languages.

Amazon Transcribe accounts for different accents, noisy environments, and acoustic conditions that enables you to produce more accurate outputs.

Use key features across 100+ languages that make it easy to use and customize. These include features such as automatic punctuation, custom vocabulary, automatic language identification, speaker diarization, word-level confidence scores, and vocabulary filters.

Access advanced features such as redaction of sensitive information, automatic language detection, content moderation, and custom language models.

Extract key business insights from customer calls, video files, clinical conversations and more.

Automatically extracts insights such as sentiment, call categories, call characteristics, and generative AI-powered summaries with Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics.

Convert speech content into text and apply generative AI to automate routine tasks and unlock insights trapped in your audio and video content.

Use Cases

Use Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics and Amazon Connect Contact Lens to improve customer experience and boost agent productivity with real-time or post-call conversation insights and automate tasks like note-taking, call classification, and generative AI-powered summaries,

With Amazon Transcribe, you can subtitle on-demand and broadcast content to increase accessibility and improve customer experience. Boost productivity by accurately capturing meetings and conversations that matter to you.

Use Transcribe Toxicity Detection for gaming, social media and other peer to peer conversations. Detect and categorize toxic audio and foster a safe and inclusive online environment.

Medical doctors and practitioners can use Amazon Transcribe Medical and AWS Healthscribe to quickly and efficiently document clinical conversations into electronic health record (EHR) systems for analysis. The service is HIPAA- eligible and trained to understand medical terminology.

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