You now can enhance availability of your existing Amazon DynamoDB tables by adding global replicas

Posted on: Nov 21, 2019

You now can benefit from the 99.999% DynamoDB availability SLA more easily by adding global tables replicas to your existing, single-region tables with a few clicks in the DynamoDB console. Previously, you could only create new DynamoDB global tables. For existing tables, you can now easily create a hot standby for disaster recovery, or you can extend your existing tables to additional AWS Regions to support latency-sensitive applications, without taking any downtime on your table. In addition, you benefit from efficiency improvements that can reduce replicated writes consumed by up to 50 percent.

When you add an AWS Region to your table, DynamoDB begins populating a new replica by using a snapshot of your existing table. You can continue writing to the originating region while DynamoDB builds the new replica, and DynamoDB replicates all in-flight updates automatically to the new replica. You can add or delete replicas to your existing global tables at any time, providing you the flexibility to move or replicate your data as your business requires.  

You now can use DynamoDB global tables in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more about regional availability and pricing for this feature, see Amazon DynamoDB pricing. For more information about global tables, see DynamoDB Global Tables, or read more about this feature on the AWS News Blog.