Posted On: Nov 6, 2020

Amazon EventBridge now supports Event Replay, which makes event-driven applications more durable and extensible by providing developers an easy way to replay past events. Event replay enables developers using Amazon EventBridge to build applications with the confidence that they can quickly recover from errors in their code, and the ability to easily extend their existing applications to add new functionality.

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect applications using data from your applications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and AWS services. EventBridge delivers a stream of real-time data from event sources, such as Auth0, Zendesk, Datadog, or Pagerduty, and routes that data to targets like AWS Lambda. You can set up routing rules to determine where to send your data, allowing for application architectures that react to changes in your data and systems as they occur. Amazon EventBridge makes it easy to build event-driven applications because it takes care of event ingestion and delivery, security, authorization, and error handling.

When replaying, developers can choose to replay to the event bus or to one or more rules and add start and end time for the events replayed. You can create one or more archives for each event bus using familiar filter patterns as rules. You can adjust the retention policy for each archive, choosing a retention period as short as 1 day or as long as indefinitely.

With a few quick steps in the AWS Management Console, you can start archiving your events. Alternatively, you can use APIs to enable archiving on your event bus. Customers pay for the events archived and stored. To learn about Event Replay pricing, please visit our pricing page. To learn more, please visit our documentation or our blog.  

Event Replay is available in US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), US West (Oregon and N. California), Canada (Central), EU (Stockholm, Paris, Ireland, Frankfurt, London, Milan, and Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney), and South America (Sao Paulo). To learn more about Amazon EventBridge, please visit the Amazon EventBridge page