AWS DataSync Discovery

Simplify and accelerate data migration from your on-premises storage to AWS

AWS DataSync Discovery helps you simplify migration planning and accelerate your data migration to AWS by giving you visibility into your on-premises storage performance and utilization, and providing recommendations for migrating your data to AWS Storage services. DataSync Discovery enables you to better understand your on-premises storage performance and capacity usage through automated data collection and analysis, enabling you to quickly identify data to be migrated and use generated recommendations to select AWS Storage services that align to your performance and capacity needs.

AWS DataSync Discovery


Gain insights into your on-premises storage utilization
AWS DataSync Discovery automatically and securely collects information about your on-premises storage over time, including performance metrics and capacity utilization. As data is collected, you can view the aggregated results in the DataSync console.

Quickly identify data to be migrated
With fully-managed discovery, you can use console dashboards to quickly find storage resources that can be migrated to reduce costs or free up capacity.

Receive recommendations for AWS Storage services
Once a discovery job is complete, you can generate recommendations to help you select AWS Storage services that meet your performance needs and optimize costs.

Simplify migration planning
With automated data collection and recommendations, AWS DataSync Discovery can minimize the time, effort, and costs associated with planning your data migrations to AWS. You can use recommendations to inform your budget planning and re-run discovery jobs to validate your assumptions as you approach your migration.


How it works

AWS DataSync Discovery uses a DataSync agent to connect to your on-premises storage and run discovery jobs to collect data about your storage system along with performance, capacity, and utilization metrics. While your discovery jobs run, information about your storage systems can be viewed from dashboards in the DataSync console. When a discovery job completes, the collected data is analyzed to produce recommendations for migrating to AWS Storage services such as Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, and Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS). These recommendations can be used to guide your selection of AWS Storage services and you can use AWS DataSync to move your data.

Diagram that shows how AWS Storage services informs you about your migration plan.
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Learn more about DataSync pricing

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