AWS re:Invent is the largest global gathering of the Amazon Web Services community held in Las Vegas. Our five-day 2016 agenda, which is comprised of over 400 breakout sessions and attracted over 32,000 attendees, offers expanded opportunities to learn about AWS solutions, how the cloud impacts your business, including deep dives into hot topics including IoT and AI, new perspectives on cloud issues, and more chances to learn from the experts.

Not able to attend? Don’t worry, we are bringing AWS re:Invent to Hong Kong on Jan 19, 2017. Packed into a one-day format, AWS re:Invent 2016 Recap Hong Kong will showcase the key products, services, and enhancements recently announced in Las Vegas; Including new services for Big Data & Analytics, Architecture, Developers and Enterprises, etc. Local AWS customers are also invited to share their post re:Invent perspectives and ongoing successes with AWS so you can learn more from their successful stories.

Come join us at this event to hear new AWS product announcements addressed by the AWS Team!

  • Discover the latest services and features from Amazon Web Services and learn how to integrate them into your applications
  • Hear how local customers have successfully built and migrated their applications to AWS and learn their tips and tricks
  • Network with other customers and meet key Technology Providers and Consultants from the AWS ecosystem

  • Senior Executives and Business Owners - learn how to leverage cloud technology to scale fast and transform business to next level.
  • IT Professionals & Architects – developers, engineers, architects and system administrators from enterprises, SMBs and startups who are eager to learn how to deploy applications in highly available, scalable architectures.

08:30am – 09:30am Registration
09:30am – 09:40am

Welcome & Introduction

Speaker: Zane Moi, Head of Business Development, Hong Kong and Taiwan, AWS

09:40am – 10:40am

Keynote I: AWS reInvent 2016 recap - Strategy & Direction

Speaker: Zane Moi, Head of Business Development, Hong Kong and Taiwan, AWS

Customer Sharing - Gibson Innovations

Speaker: Kenny Kwan, Senior Manager, Software Development, Gibson Innovations

10:40am – 11:10am


11:10am – 12:10pm

Keynote II: AWS reInvent 2016 recap - Solutions Updates

Activate your Cloud Superpowers!
Let's dive into the future world of Cloud Computing: Build serverless applications at any scale and as close to your end-user as possible. Gain valuable and cost-effective insights from vast amounts of data within minutes. Leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence), voice and visual recognition to streamline customer interactions. Automate, orchestrate and debug all your workflows easily to innovate quickly on behalf of your customer. And lastly, always remain secure regardless of scale and agility!

Speaker: Olivier Klein, Solutions Architect, AWS

Customer Sharing - GoAnimate

Speaker: Alvin Hung, Founder, GoAnimate

12:10pm –  1:10pm Lunch & Networking
01:10pm –   02:45pm Track 1 - Big Data & Analytics Track 2 - Architecture

Track 3 - Security

02:45pm –   03:15pm Break
03:15pm –   04:50pm Track 1 - Developer
Track 2 - Enterprise

Track 3 - Mobile & IoT

  • Big Data & Analytics


    Sessions in the Big Data track will provide best practices, architectural design patterns, and in-depth discussions of Hadoop, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, and a variety of other data services.


    01:10pm – 01:50pm

    NEW LAUNCH! Intro to Amazon Athena. Analyze data in S3, using SQL

    Amazon Athena is a new interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3, using standard SQL. Athena is serverless, so there is no infrastructure to setup or manage, and you can start analyzing your data immediately. You don’t even need to load your data into Athena, it works directly with data stored in S3.

    In this session, we will show you how easy is to start querying your data stored in Amazon S3, with Amazon Athena. First we will use Athena to create the schema for data already in S3. Then, we will demonstrate how you can run interactive queries through the built-in query editor. We will provide best practices and use cases for Athena. Then, we will talk about supported queries, data formats, and strategies to save costs when querying data with Athena.

    Speaker: Harry Lin, Solutions Architect, AWS

    01:50pm – 02:05pm


    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Visualizing Big Data Insights with Amazon QuickSight

    Amazon QuickSight is a fast BI service that makes it easy for you to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data. QuickSight is built to harness the power and scalability of the cloud, so you can easily run analysis on large datasets, and support hundreds of thousands of users. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can easily get started with Amazon QuickSight, uploading files, connecting to S3 and Redshift and creating analyses from visualizations that are optimized based on the underlying data. Once we’ve built our analysis and dashboard, we’ll show you easy it is to share it with colleagues and stakeholders in just a few seconds. And with SPICE – QuickSight’s in-memory calculation engine – you can go from data to insights, faster than ever.

    Speaker: Dickson Yue, Solutions Architect, AWS

    02:45pm – 03:15pm


    03:15pm – 04:50pm Please attend Developer, Enterprise or Mobile & IoT Track
  • Architecture


    Sessions in the architecture track will show you how to design highly available, performant, cost-effective cloud architectures on AWS.


    01:10pm – 01:50pm

    VPC and Direct Connect – HKG DX Pop (Language: Cantonese)

    Many enterprises on their hybrid cloud journey into the cloud require consistent and highly secure connectivity between their existing data center and AWS footprints. In this session, we walk through the different architecture options for establishing this connectivity using AWS Direct Connect and VPN. As we walk through these options, we try to answer some of the most common questions that typically arise from enterprises that tackle design and implementation. You'll learn how to make connectivity decisions that are suitable for your workloads, and how to best prepare against business impact in the event of failure.

    Speaker: Ken Chan, Business Development Manager, AWS

    01:50pm – 02:05pm


    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency (Language: Cantonese)

    Whether you’re a cash-strapped startup or an enterprise optimizing spend, it pays to run cost-efficient architectures on AWS. This session reviews a wide range of cost planning, monitoring, and optimization strategies, featuring real-world experience from AWS customers. We’ll cover how you can effectively combine EC2 On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot instances to handle different use cases, leveraging auto scaling to match capacity to workload, choosing the most optimal instance type through load testing, taking advantage of multi-AZ support, and using CloudWatch to monitor usage and automatically shut off resources when not in use. We'll discuss taking advantage of tiered storage and caching, offloading content to Amazon CloudFront to reduce back-end load, and getting rid of your back end entirely, by leveraging AWS high-level services. We will also showcase simple tools to help track and manage costs, including the AWS Cost Explorer, Billing Alerts, and Trusted Advisor. This session will be your pocket guide for running cost effectively in the Amazon cloud.

    Speaker: Paul Yung, Head of Territory Development, HKT, AWS

    02:45pm – 03:15pm


    03:15pm – 04:50pm Please attend Developer, Enterprise or Mobile & IoT Track
  • Security


    The Security and Compliance track will provide you with the latest information about security-related AWS features and capabilities, as well as how to tailor them to meet your business objectives and compliance requirements.


    01:10pm – 01:50pm

    Scaling Security Operations and Automating Governance: Which AWS Services Should I Use?

    This session enables security operators to automate governance and implement use cases addressed by AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config Rules, Amazon CloudWatch Events, and Trusted Advisor. Based on the nature of vulnerabilities, internal processes, compliance regimes, and other priorities, this session discusses the service to use when. We also show how to detect, report, and fix vulnerabilities, or gain more information about attackers. We dive deep into new features and capabilities of relevant services and use an example from an AWS customer, Siemens AG, about how to best automate governance and scale. A prerequisite for this session is knowledge of security and basic software development using Java, Python, or Node.

    Speaker: Michael Braendle, Principal Cloud Architect, AWS

    01:50pm – 02:05pm


    02:05pm – 02:45pm

    Web Security Automation: Spend Less Time Securing your Applications

    As attackers become more sophisticated, web application developers need to constantly update their security configurations. Static firewall rules are no longer good enough. Developers need a way to deploy automated security that can learn from the application behavior and identify bad traffic patterns to detect bad bots or bad actors on the Internet. This session showcases some of the real-world customer use cases that use machine learning and AWS WAF (a web application firewall) with automated incident response and machine learning to automatically identify bad actors. We also present tutorials and code samples that show how customers can analyze traffic patterns and deploy new AWS WAF rules on the fly.

    Speaker: Dean Samuels, Solutions Architect Manager, AWS

    02:45pm – 03:15pm


    03:15pm – 04:50pm Please attend Developer, Enterprise or Mobile & IoT Track
  • Developer


    Sessions in this track will help you understand AWS’ latest portfolio of mobile-optimized services and container services.


    01:10pm – 02:45pm Please attend Big Data & Analytic, Architecture or Mobile & IoT Track
    02:45pm – 03:15pm


    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    NEW LAUNCH! Advanced Task Scheduling with Amazon ECS and Blox

    As customers build and run production microservices architectures based on containers, having powerful tools to manage the placement and scheduling of these workloads is critical. Amazon ECS allows customers to focus on building their application and removes the need for managing the cluster management software entirely. This session will focus on the capabilities of the new ECS task placement engine, the built-in ECS schedulers, and explore how customers can build custom schedulers using the ECS event stream and Blox, a newly announced open source scheduling framework that gives developers additional choice and control in how they manage containers in production.

    Speaker: Dickson Yue, Solutions Architect, AWS

    03:55pm –  04:10pm Transition
    04:10pm –  04:50pm

    NEW LAUNCH! Introducing AWS Batch: Easy and efficient batch computing

    AWS Batch is a fully-managed service that enables developers, scientists, and engineers to easily and efficiently run batch computing workloads of any scale on AWS. AWS Batch automatically provisions compute resources and optimizes the workload distribution based on the quantity and scale of the workloads. With AWS Batch, there is no need to install or manage batch computing software, allowing you to focus on analyzing results and solving problems. AWS Batch plans, schedules, and executes your batch computing workloads across the full range of AWS compute services and features, such as Amazon EC2, Spot Instances, and AWS Lambda. AWS Batch reduces operational complexities, saving time and reducing costs. In this session, Principal Product Managers Jamie Kinney and Dougal Ballantyne describe the core concepts behind AWS Batch and details of how the service functions.  The presentation concludes with relevant use cases and sample code.

    Speaker: Harry Lin, Solutions Architect, AWS

  • Enterprise


    The sessions in the Enterprise & Migration track will explore how to select projects for the cloud, how to improve economics, how to plan and execute migrations, and how to manage change in large-scale IT transformations to cloud.


    01:10pm – 02:45pm Please attend Big Data & Analytic, Architecture or Mobile & IoT Track
    02:45pm – 03:15pm


    03:15pm – 03:55pm

    Deep Dive on AWS Cloud Data Migration Services (Language: Cantonese)

    When evaluating and planning migrating your data from on premises to the Cloud, you might encounter physical limitations. Amazon offers a suite of tools to help you surmount these limitations by moving data using networks, roads, and technology partners. In this session, we discuss how to move large amounts of data into and out of the Cloud in batches, increments, and streams.

    Speaker: Ken Chan, Business Development Manager, AWS

    03:55pm –  04:10pm Transition
    04:10pm –   04:50pm

    NEW LAUNCH! Amazon EC2 Systems Manager for Hybrid Cloud Management at Scale

    Today, we are announcing EC2 Systems Manager.  Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is a management service that helps you automatically collect software inventory, apply OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows and Linux operating systems. These capabilities help you define and track system configurations, prevent drift, and maintain software compliance of your EC2 and on-premises configurations. This session provides an overview of these newly announced services and how they work together within the larger AWS ecosystem to provide comprehensive management capabilities.

    Speaker: Dean Samuels, Solutions Architect Manager, HKT, AWS

  • Mobile & IoT


    Sessions in the Mobile & IoT track will help you understand AWS’ latest portfolio of mobile-optimized services and provide examples of best practices and lessons learned from real-world companies that use AWS to power their mobile apps. 

    Additionally, sessions will highlight best practices using the cloud for IoT applications, connecting devices with AWS IoT, and using AWS endpoints.


    01:10pm - 02:45pm
    Please attend Big Data & Analytic, Architecture or Mobile & IoT Track
    02:45pm - 03:15pm Break
    03:15pm - 03:55pm

    Creating IoT Solutions with Serverless Architecture & Alexa

    Speaker: John Chang, Technology Evangelist, HKT, AWS

    03:55pm - 04:10pm Transition
    04:10pm - 04:50pm

    Introducing Amazon Pinpoint – Targeted Push Notifications for Mobile Apps

    Amazon Pinpoint, a new AWS service, makes it easy to run targeted campaigns to improve user engagement. Pinpoint helps you understand app user behavior, define who to target, what push notification to send, when to deliver the notifications, and track results.

    Speaker: John Chang, Technology Evangelist, HKT, AWS

Zane Moi Resized

Zane Moi
Head of Business Development, AWS


Olivier Klein
Solutions Architect, AWS


Kenny Kwan
Senior Manager, Software Development, Gibson Innovations


Alvin Hung
Founder, GoAnimate


Dean Samuels
Solutions Architect Manager, HKT, AWS


Michael Braendle
Principal Cloud Architect, AWS


Dickson Yue
Solutions Architect, AWS


Ken Chan
Business Development Manager, AWS


Harry Lin
Solutions Architect, AWS


Paul Yung
Head of Territory Development, HKT, AWS


John Chang
Technology Evangelist, HKT, AWS

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