Amazon Lex for Insurance

Accelerate delivery of engaging conversational experiences for increased customer satisfaction.


Amazon Lex enables you to create rich conversational experiences and deploy these in the contact center (e.g., Amazon Connect), social media platform (e.g., Facebook Messenger) or a mobile application. The pre-built bots include dialog orchestration, context management, and business logic execution so you can quickly automate customer service interactions. Native integrations with Amazon Kendra, Amazon Polly, and AWS Lambda allow you to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions and achieve a higher CSAT.
Amazon Lex is powered by AWS’ high-performance infrastructure to achieve greater agility, security, and reliability. The pre-built bots include authentication and verification flows along with robust conversation patterns for disambiguating user input. The bots can scale based on demand without impacting latency so you can support engaging real-time conversations. You can easily augment the conversational experiences with the breadth of functionality, including compute, database, and analytics as you incorporate regulatory changes.
Purpose-built bots for Insurance can help you deliver a more satisfying, omnichannel experience while maintaining the focus on business agility. The built-in conditional flows allow you to quickly create conversation branches based on user input and context. You can easily publish your bot to chat services or a voice service such as Amazon Connect, directly from the Amazon Lex console, reducing multi-platform development efforts. You can now serve policy holders with sophisticated experiences in a channel and modality of their choice.